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I have read a few fics and a few discussions that involve Ten seeing Donna in the Untempered Schism when he was eight years old.  The idea intrigued me and this little ficlet was born.  I hope you like it.  It's quite short, but I think it serves the purpose.  =)  Owing to the title graphic being a picture, it's under the cut.

Now I shall be off to take a short nap (along with Cheeky) before the trip to Jerry's (a local home improvement store) to get the cost of a new garbage disposal.  Ours died this morning.  And leaked all over the cabinet under the sink.  Nargh.

As always I don't own Ten, Donna, or Doctor Who.  The BBC does.  Please read and enjoy...

The eight year old initiate known only as Theta Sigma of the House of Lungbarrow stood in front of the Untempered Schism.  He looked at the adult Time Lords surrounding him, knowing that in a couple hundred years or so, that would be him, and hating that knowledge.  He didn’t want to stay here, be stuck in the stuffy Time Lord society.  He wanted to be free.  He wanted to travel, see the stars, see the multitudes of other worlds and civilizations that were out there. 

           But he was of the House of Lungbarrow.  His future was already planned out for him.  He was to attend the Academy, grow up and marry the chosen lady from a House that had been agreed upon at his Looming and hers, produce DNA with her to Loom heirs, earn a place on the Time Lord Council, and someday be put into the Matrix for future generations to learn from.  And it began here with his initiation. 

           He turned away from the Time Lords and towards the spinning vortex of all of space and time.  He watched the swirling colors and listened to the crackling and hum of the raw power of it.  It didn’t take long for his nerves to begin to jangle and every fiber of his being itch to run and keep running, never looking back.  But then he saw a face.  It was a woman’s face, and he noticed her beauty.  She had kind blue eyes, and a face that spoke of love and caring, though her exact details were blurred a little.  Her hair was the color of the grass of his favorite meadow below the mountains of his family home.   He watched her face, and his eyes widened as she appeared to make eye contact with him and smile.  Her mouth moved and he could swear he heard her say “Onwards, Spaceman.” He knew then she wasn’t of his species but another.  She stared at him some more, and his mind registered another word.  “Lady,” was whispered in his mind though he heard it in a language he hadn’t heard before, yet he knew what it meant. 

           He knew then that this woman was his destiny.  He knew to achieve this destiny he would have to go through with the Academy, his planned marriage and possibly the Time Lord Council.  If for nothing else, to gain a chance to leave here, to search for her.  His Lady.  His…Donna. 

           The face faded, he turned from the vortex, and with a rather enigmatic smile, he followed the silent Time Lords away from the Untempered Schism and back to the Academy Hall to begin his path to his destiny.
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