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The Door 5/5

Here is the final part.  It references Torchwood: Children of Earth, The End of Time, and The Eleventh Hour.

I don't know when or if the muse will send me another plot bunny, so this is it for a while.  I know the rest of this month is pretty full.  Cheeky has a court hearing on her case status next week, I have a fasting lab on the 18th, Cheeky's birthday party on the 20th, and a doctor appointment for my heart on the 25th.  There's probably some other things that I'm forgetting but no doubt Stella will chime the day before whatever event I'm forgetting because hubby put it in the calendar with a alert to chime the day before.  And I really must find an mp3 of a Dalek yelling "Exterminate!" that I can make into a ringtone so Stella can yell that for calendar events.  That would be funny.  Anyhow...

As always I don't own Ten, Donna, Ten II, Jack, Eleven, or Doctor Who.  The BBC does.  Also, please note the small AN at the end of this.  Please read and enjoy...

Life went on as regular it could be said for the Three Timeketeers, as Theta had nicknamed them.  Nothing about the slight change of time was noticed other than a bizarre yet faint niggling in the brains of two Time Lords, and one Time Lady.  It wasn’t something they closely paid attention to.  To them everything had happened as normal.  Though Theta would occasionally get flashes of what his life would have been had he left Tau in Pete’s World where he would have died within days, and had had to wipe Donna’s mind of her memories of him and her time with him.  Sometimes these flashes would show up in the form of nightmares, which he woke up from sweaty, nauseous, terrified, and more often than not in the arms of Donna and Tau. 

           They travelled loads of places, but tried to visit Earth as much as possible, with the exception of the arrival of the 456.  That was a fixed point, and they could do nothing about it.  It upset them immensely, and as soon as the situation was resolved they went to Earth to see if they could help with the aftermath.  They’d gone to Cardiff looking for Jack only to be greeted with a huge hole in the ground where the Hub once had been.  They found Gwen, who told them Ianto had been killed, and Jack had had to sacrifice his grandson Steven.   She told them Jack left soon after.  She didn’t know where, or even when as he’d left by Vortex manipulator. 


           They’d found Jack in a bar type place several light years, and a few centuries from Earth.  He was well on his way to death by alcohol poisoning.  Theta and Tau had peeled him off the bar stool, and between them got him to the TARDIS, where he could sleep it off.  He stayed with them for quite a while after that.  He wasn’t eager to be alone, nor did he want to return to Earth. 

           It was while Jack was with them that Tau and Donna declared their desire to ski, and to ski at one of the biggest resorts in several galaxies.  Theta had no such desire to ski, but Jack said he was game.  Thus Tau, Donna, and Jack prepared for a three week stay at the resort on Tandoori Prime.  Theta decided he’d use that time to visit Sarah Jane and Wilf. 

           That was how he ended up on Earth when the Master returned, the Time Lords returned, and Gallifrey returned.  Wilf had been with him.  And Wilf was there when he and the Master sent Rassilon, the Time Lords, and Gallifrey back to the Time Lock, the Master going as well. It was then he heard four knocks.  And saw Wilf in the radiation chamber.  He refused to let Wilf stay in that chamber, and took his place.  He took Wilf home, told Sylvia he’d bring Donna and Tau for a visit soon, and went quickly to the TARDIS.  He visited Martha and Mickey, saving them from a Sontaran, and he visited Sarah Jane, saving Luke from being hit by a car.  He toyed with going back to see Rose before she met him, but he still felt some animosity towards her and he didn’t want her face to be that last one this face saw, since he knew he didn’t have time to get to Tandoori Prime to get Donna and Tau. Instead, he left Bannerman Road, and sent the TARDIS just above the Earth.  He gripped one of the struts, and sucked in a breath.  “I don’t want to go,” he whispered.  But he knew it was inevitable. 


           On Tandoori Prime, Donna and Tau felt the shifts in the familial bond they shared with Theta and knew something was happening.  They knew it was bad when they felt faint residual pain.  What they didn’t know was if he’d been severely injured or regenerated.  When the bond changed a bit more, Donna burst into tears, Tau almost did the same, and could barely tell Jack that indeed, Theta had regenerated.


           His regeneration caused the TARDIS to crash into the backyard of a young girl named Amelia Pond.  The girl gave him food, and he fixed, or rather thought he fixed a crack in her wall.  He thanked her for the fish fingers and custard, then left after promising to be back in five minutes. 

           Arriving on Tandoori Prime, the first thing he experienced was Donna’s hand cracking on his cheek.  Then she hugged him like she’d never let go.  Tau just stared.  Theta decided he should go look in a mirror.  “At least people can tell us apart now,” he tried to put a positive spin on it.  Then wilted under Donna’s glare and demand to know what happened. 

           They returned for Amelia, twelve years later than she had been expecting which annoyed her (four psychiatrists, she’d bitten them all), and they met Rory the Nurse.  Once Prisoner Zero had been found, and the Atraxi sent away, Donna, Tau, Jack, Amy, and Rory watched as Theta found a new outfit.  Complete with a bow-tie.  “Bow-ties are cool,” he said.  Tau and Donna chose not to argue. 

Jack left after a couple adventures, Amy joined the TARDIS crew, Rory joining later on, and the three Time Lords, Tau and Theta primarily, tried not to react strongly to again seeing River Song.  They all, including Donna felt a shift in the timestream when they saw her.  It felt as though something had been a little altered.  Like the faint niggling that told them something had changed earlier before Theta’s regeneration. Theta and Tau didn’t know how River would fit into their lives.  Donna knew now what River had whispered into Theta’s ear at the Library.  Or she thought she knew.  She could have sworn it had been his true name.  Theta and Tau knew it had been.  But the word that echoed in their minds now was not Theta’s true name, but instead, the name of his House on Gallifrey. It was strange, but none of the Time Lords could sense anything about this that would cause temporal damage so they tried to let it go. 

           From there on, the timestream continued as it would have had Theta not listened to River Song in the Library.  The difference of three Time Lords instead of one, only made a small dent in the grand scheme of things.  Which was fine, because sometimes, every once in a great while;

Time can be rewritten.

As you can see, I've left it up to you readers to decide how River Song will now fit into Theta's new timeline.  And I hope that the timelines wouldn't change too much.  Beauty of fic I guess.  Doesn't have to comply with canon.  =D

Tags: doctor who, donna noble, eleventh doctor, jack harkness, pg-13, ten ii, tenth doctor
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