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The Door 4/5

Here is the fourth part.  It's set a little ahead of the rest.  Sylvia and Wilf are mentioned, but not seen.  All other pertinent notes are in the AN for part 1.

As always I don't own Ten, Donna, Ten II, or Doctor Who.  The BBC does.  Please read and enjoy...

“Time can be rewritten.”

          He sat on the ground in the Gallifrey gardens, fingers running through the red grass, listening to the silver leaves chime in the breeze.  He’d been here for a while as Donna and Theta were spending some time together.  He altered the bond a little because although it didn’t bother him that his wife and Theta were intimate together, he still didn’t want to know details.  Both because Theta was his twin, and because they deserved privacy.  He knew Theta did the same for him when he and Donna had their time. 

          He laid back on the grass, and stared up at the sky, watching the clouds roll by.  He started to feel drowsy and thought perhaps a nap wouldn’t go amiss.  It had only been a few days since the full regeneration, and he and Donna still tired easily.  He snorted thinking of how Donna was getting tired out now.  His eyes grew heavier, and he drifted off.  He didn’t notice when a blanket appeared over him, and two people sat next to him. 

          He woke to arms around him, and a weight on his chest.  Blinking his eyes, he saw Donna curled next to him, her hair spread over his chest.  He ran his hand through her hair, and turned at the sound of a chuckle.  Theta was sitting on the other side of Donna, with his hand on her back.  “Have a good nap?” Theta asked him. 

“Alright I guess.  This is nice though,” Tau indicated Donna in his arms.  “I trust your time together was…pleasant?”

          Theta grinned and nodded.  “Very much so,” he gestured towards the sleeping woman.  “As you can see, she quite enjoyed it.”

“Ugh,” Tau wrinkled his nose.  “Obviously I don’t mind you two spending quality time, but I don’t need to know that.”

“You asked.”

          Tau sighed.  “So I did,” he adjusted his hold on Donna, while yawning widely.   “So where d’you think we should go today?”

“Well…as much as I’d love to postpone it for a while longer, we probably should go to see Sylvia and Wilf.”

“Oh.  Right.”

“Don’t sound so excited, there.  After all we’re only talking about going to see your mother in law.”

“Oi.  Don’t remind me,” Tau grumbled.

“Don’t remind you of what?” Donna’s sleepy voice entered the conversation.  She stirred, lifting her head and placing a sweet kiss on Tau’s lips.  Tau returned it, and then shuddered as she nuzzled his neck before sitting up. 

“Oh I was just telling your husband that we should probably think about going to Chiswick to see his mother in law.  And tell her she has a son in law, who is an alien.  Oh, and that her daughter’s an alien now as well.  D’you think she’ll keel over? OW!” Theta scooted back after Donna smacked his arm.  “What was that for?”

“What do you think, Spaceman?” Donna muttered.  “’Do you think she’ll keel over?’ Although, thinking about it, perhaps she will.” 

“Wilf will love it,” Tau said.   At their raised eyebrows, he coughed and continued.  “The alien part.  Not Sylvia keeling over.”

“No time like the present,” Donna stood up and started to head for the door out of the gardens.  When the two Time Lords didn’t follow she put her hands on her hips.  “Well?  Don’t you want to get it over with?”

“Yeah…” Tau dragged the word out, before standing slowly.  Theta stood and dusted his trousers.  Donna held her hands out, and both men took them.  The three of them made their way to the console room, Tau getting smacked on his arm for trying to stop in the kitchen to get the really nice Katellian ice packs.  “Just wanted to be prepared for when she slaps the taste right out of our mouths,” he’d grumbled. 

“Time can be rewritten.”

“Well.  That went well,” Theta said with a slightly forced amount of cheer in his voice, as they entered the TARDIS following the visit.  Donna and Tau glared and grumbled to themselves, going to the jump seat, while Theta put them in the Vortex.  “For once in my lives, it wasn’t me the mum slapped.”

“I can make up for that, and slap you in her place,” Donna snarked. 

“Please do,” Tau said. 

“Well honestly, what did you expect?”  Theta looked at his twin.  “I said to ease Sylvia into it, and what did you do?  Walk right up to her, announce you’re a Gallifreyan, specifically a Time Lord, you’re Donna’s husband, and by the way, Donna is also Gallifreyan now, she’s a Time Lady.  Then you sat at the table and asked what was for tea,” he patted Tau on the shoulder.  Tau shoved his hand away. 

“Well, if I’d let you tell them, we’d still be there while you babbled on and on and on.  Eternal babbling.  Something I’m so very glad I didn’t get via the metacrisis.”

“I would not have babbled.  I don’t babble,” Theta looked affronted. 

“Yes. You do,” Donna muttered.  “It doesn’t matter now anyway.  Mum’s been told, she’s done her slapping and yelling, and we don’t have to go back for a while.”

“Wilf was alright with it,” Theta said with a smile.  “We owe him a trip in the TARDIS, but he was remarkably understanding.”

“Speaking of which, where are we going to take Gramps?  We did promise him the trip a week from tomorrow,” Donna pulled out a little Earth calendar, determined to at least try to stick to that time frame, though realistically she knew it probably wouldn’t happen.

“Time machine,” Theta said.  “Just keep note of what the date is a week from tomorrow and we can go from there.  Not in that much of a hurry to go back there.”

“Me either,” Tau rubbed his still quite red cheek.  “Even if it is to see Wilf.  Let’s give it a few weeks.”

“Time can be rewritten.”

          Tau snickered as he and Donna followed Theta into the TARDIS.  They’d taken Wilf to what Theta had insisted was a lovely forested planet perfect for a picnic along a river.  And for a while it had been.   Until the large walking fish came up out of the river for their afternoon nap in the sun.  Which so happened to be where they were picnicking.  These walking fish hadn’t been pleased to see their napping grounds had been usurped and had…attacked.  So to speak. 

Theta had approached them, going on about how marvelous they looked, and he’d beckoned Wilf over to see the alien fauna.  Said alien fauna had started snapping their quite sharp looking teeth at them, and both Theta and Wilf had been bitten.  The bites had been taken care of quickly in the TARDIS medbay, and left no lasting effects, but they’d agreed they wouldn’t be sharing that particular event with Sylvia. 

Unfortunately, after they’d returned to Chiswick to have dinner with Sylvia, while Donna and Wilf had been in the kitchen rummaging for tea things to take up the hill, and Sylvia had been thought to be out of the room, Theta and Tau discussed the fish, and the bites. 

Which was why as the three Time Lords walked to the TARIDS, one of them had a handprint on the side of their face.   After Theta sent them into the Vortex, Tau snorted when he saw him pout at Donna.  She kissed his cheek, and then he turned his head to fully kiss her on her lips. 

Tau decided to leave them to it, and quietly left the console room and head for the Gallifrey gardens, stopping once in the kitchen for his favorite tea and biscuits.

“Time has been rewritten.”
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