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The Door 3/5

Here is the third part.  Again, it references Midnight and Journey's End and I may have gotten things a little backwards.  All other ANs are on the posting of part 1.

Pardon my mood.  I'm not in a good one.

As always, I don't own Ten, Donna, Ten II, or Doctor Who.  The BBC does.  Please read and enjoy...

“Time can be rewritten.”

         Donna couldn’t pinpoint the exact moment she fell in love with the Doctor.  Perhaps she’d always loved him, and subconsciously shoved her feelings aside.  She knew she felt something after the Library, and he took care of her so sweetly.  He asked about the virtual family she’d had in the computer, but he never pushed.  He was alright with what she was alright with telling him.  This allowed her to open up to him and tell him more than she would have anyone else.  She also appreciated that he seemed to know when to back off, and give her space, and when she wanted and needed him to hold her while she cried.

         She hoped she had achieved the same for him after the disastrous trip to Midnight.  He’d had horrendous nightmares, and night terrors for days, weeks even, if she had been keeping track of the passage of time in the TARDIS correctly which could be quite hard.  She spent most nights in his room, in his bed holding him as he shook with residual fear, and cried.  After the nightmares had faded, she’d still slept in his room.  They gained a certain comfort sharing a bed and it had never gone beyond holding each other.  She knew, at that point she loved him.  She wasn’t certain she would tell him though.

“Time can be rewritten.”

         Now she felt some regret for that decision as she stood in the TARDIS as it fell through the Crucible.  She didn’t know whether she should panic, cry, get angry, or just stand there.  She didn’t know why the doors had locked, or why she could hear the beating of a heart.  Farther down the TARDIS fell, and she was drawn to the glass jar containing the Doctor’s hand.  She crouched down and looked at the bubbling fluid, and had an irresistible urge to touch it.  So she did. 

         Gold light streamed from the jar into her.  She could feel it, hot and a bit of a tingle.  Then it streamed away and formed a figure which resolved itself into an exact duplicate of the Doctor.  A twin.  He sat up, then stood up.  “It’s you,” she gasped.

“Oh yes,’ he replied.

“You’re naked,” she tried not to look, but he was just so…there.

“Oh yes,” he repeated. 

         He went looking for clothes, and once he was dressed they tried to figure out what had happened and formulate a plan.  Both of them were studiously ignoring the feeling of connection.  The twin got the TARDIS out of where it was falling, back to where he knew the others were, grabbed a gun, as he would be the distraction needed for Donna to get to the control console, and ran out of the timeship.  Only to be shot.  Donna ran out after him, made it almost to the control console before she too was shot. 

         She recovered rather quickly, and saw the twin was also recovered and the Doctor was looking at them with a mixture of confusion and amazement.  She jumped when she felt a tug on the mysterious connection she had with the twin, and glared at him.  The three of them went to the control console, and with the remark of being the best temp in Chiswick, with one hundred words a minute, she began returning the stolen planets back to their places.  The twin and the Doctor hurried to help, while Rose asked questions about what had happened, and Jack told everyone he couldn’t tell them what he was thinking right now.  Which surprised no one. 

“Time can be rewritten.”

         As the TARDIS towed the Earth back to it’s proper location after the defeat of Davros and the destruction of the Crucible, Donna and the twin found themselves watching as the Doctor and the other Children of Time piloted the timeship.  The feeling of connection was getting a bit stronger now that they had time to sit back a little.  There was also a feeling of urgency building, and some pain.  Donna scanned the knowledge in her brain and realized unless something was done, that she wasn’t entirely sure of doing, they could both die.  Both had human bodies.  Both had a Time Lord consciousness.  If it was in the Doctor’s head, it was in theirs.  And their human bodies couldn’t handle it. 

         “Complete the bond,” Donna heard this faint whisper in her head, and looking at the twin, she knew he heard it as well.  “When the Others have gone, join with me.  I will help you.” It was then she knew they were hearing the TARDIS.  She gripped the twin’s hand. 

         The Earth was returned, and Jack, Martha, Mickey and Sarah Jane left.  The Doctor took them to Pete’s World to drop off Jackie and Rose.  Donna and the twin followed them out onto the beach.  She didn’t listen to all of what the Doctor was saying to Jackie, just that Rose had helped with the breach of the Time Lock using the Dimension Cannon.  Her head was starting to get fuzzy.  She registered that the Doctor was ushering her and the twin into the TARDIS.  She felt a mental nudge to stand by a certain panel, and she went there, along with the twin, while the Doctor piloted them back to their universe. 

         She stood with the twin facing him, and took his hands.  She saw him start to glow, and she knew she was glowing as well.  Then there was heat and pain, a wailing sound that she knew was coming from her and the twin.  She could feel her body changing and she could feel new mental connections.  The fledgling bond she’d felt with the twin strengthened and snapped into place.  “Wife,” the twin’s voice whispered into her head.  “Husband,” she felt her mind respond.  “Love,” both their minds whispered.  She felt a wave of love from somewhere else, and realized it was from the Doctor.  He loved her.  He loved her like she loved him, she loved the twin, and the twin loved her.  She felt the TARDIS withdraw from their minds, and she fell to the grating firmly in the twin’s grasp. 

         She felt rather than saw the Doctor sit next to them, and they moved as one to pull him into their arms.  They all held each other, and then she kissed him.  He was confused, understandably so as she and the twin were married, yet she was kissing him.  The twin explained, and she told the Doctor what she chose.  That she chose to love them both. 

         The twin chose the name Tau, citing his and the Doctor’s identical looks, and well…the same name.  By mutual agreement, or rather by Tau just calling him that, the Doctor chose to use Theta as his name. 

Donna thought for a second about acquiring the name Sigma.   She looked at her husband and her other soon to be lover and realized she didn’t mind.  “Meh, I can live with it,” she kissed Tau, and then Theta.  “Now let’s get started on forever,” she said.

“Molto bene,” Theta said with a grin and kissed her. 

“Mia bella Donna,” she heard in her mind.  From both Theta and Tau.

“Time has been rewritten.”
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