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The Door 2/5

Here is part 2.  It references Midnight, and Journey's End, and as I said previously, I may have gotten things a little wrong.  Not really sure.  All other pertinent notes are in the AN of part 1.

As always, I don't own Ten, Donna, Ten II, or Doctor Who.  The BBC does.  Please read and enjoy...

“Time can be rewritten.”

          When he’d first met this woman in the Library, he’d doubted her knowledge of him.  But then she’d spoken something into his ear that he wouldn’t have told just anyone.  He didn’t have time to ponder that though as Donna had been taken, killed he assumed and his hearts had plummeted and frozen at the thought. 

          When River handcuffed him to the pole while she prepared to sacrifice herself to save the downloaded people, what she’d whispered in his ear had come back to the forefront of his mind.  Then she spoke of the Earth being stolen, the DoctorDonna, and separating them.  He wanted to know why she was telling him this, but all she said was that damnable “Spoilers”.  And then she was gone. 

          He filed the information she’d given him but had no time to try and figure out what it meant as his time became occupied with helping Donna through the loss of the virtual husband and children she’d been given in the Library database.  She felt as though she’d actually lived through it.  It felt like a genuine loss.  And it was to her. 

          Then there had been the disastrous trip to Midnight, which had Donna helping him through horrifying nightmares.  Followed by Shan Shen and then…the Earth was stolen.  Rose returned.  He was shot by a Dalek.  He partially regenerated, but sent some of the energy into his old hand.  He and the Children of Time were taken onto the Crucible where they confronted Davros.  And Donna and the TARDIS were sent away.  His hearts froze once again, at the loss of his Donna, and his ship. 

          But the words from River Song echoed in his head when the TARDIS reappeared, and who he could only describe as his twin, and Donna ran out one after the other, both getting shot.  His twin.  Donna.  The DoctorDonna.  

“When the Earth is stolen, that will herald the arrival of the DoctorDonna.  Do not separate them.  For if you do, one will die, and one will be forced to forget.” 

          He watched as they got up, and went to the controls.  He joined them, and the three of them danced around this console-looking object sending twenty-six of the stolen planets back to their correct places.  After the destruction of the Crucible, and the death of Davros, the Cardiff Rift was tethered to the TARDIS and the Earth returned to it’s proper place.  He returned Jack, Sarah Jane, Martha, and Mickey to London, then took Jackie and Rose back to Pete’s World.  He watched Donna and his twin carefully knowing something was going to happen, but what exactly he didn’t know.   He wasn’t going to separate them, River’s words made sense now. He knew he had to be quick though.  He told Jackie to have the Dimension Cannon destroyed as it had contributed heavily to the stars going out, and Davros escaping the Time Lock.  He told her to get Rose out of Pete’s Torchwood.  Rose had almost destroyed the multiverse with the cannon.  Her mind was warped by it.  Rose tried to speak, tried to push her way back with the Doctor, but he was having none of it.  He pushed her aside, not wasting breath to speak to her and entered the TARDIS, after Donna and his twin.

“Time can be rewritten.”

          Once back in their universe, he sent the TARDIS into the Vortex.  Turning his attention to Donna and his twin who were standing by a particular panel next to the console.  They were holding hands, facing each other and to his astonishment, glowing gold.  He felt the TARDIS niggling in his mind telling him she could and would take care of them.  He had done his part by not separating them.  The panel opened and enveloped his twin and Donna in a blinding white and gold light. 

          He couldn’t look at them, but he could hear them shrieking with the pain of regeneration.  At least that’s what he thought was happening.  He wasn’t quite sure.  When it was over and the light dimmed and vanished, he saw them crumpled on the grating.  His twin was holding Donna against his chest, and Donna was clinging to him.  The Doctor sat next to them, and they both reached out to him, holding him close.  Donna wiped his cheek and he was startled to realize tears had been steadily falling. 

          They sat there for how long, the Doctor didn’t pay attention to.  He could feel Donna’s mind, and his twin’s mind brushing up against his for contact.  He could sense the two extra hearts beating in the newly regenerated Time Lords.  He could sense the strong bond between Donna and his twin, and he understood it was a marriage bond.  He felt the TARDIS nudge him mentally encouraging him to bond with the new Time Lords.  But he was reluctant.  He didn’t want Donna to know he loved her now that she was bonded in marriage to his twin.  He definitely didn’t want his twin to know. 

          Lips pressed to his startled him, and he realized Donna was kissing him.  He drew back confused, and grew even more so at the wide smile on his twin’s face.  His twin touched his arm.  “I have your memories, Theta,” he said.  “I know you love her.  She and I are married, yes.  But that doesn’t mean you have to stay away.  Be with her.  Love her.  All I ask is for you to make some time for me to love her too.”

“Donna…?” the Doctor asked, still uncertain.

          Her response was to kiss him again.  “I love you, you prawn,” she reached back and took the twin’s hand.  “I love him too.  There’s no law that says I can’t love both of you.”  She returned her lips to his, and this time he kissed back with enthusiasm.  His twin sat back and waited patiently. 

          When Donna and the Doctor came up for air, he looked at his twin.  “Theta?  Why did you call me that?”

          His twin shrugged.  “You’re the Doctor, I’m guessing I’m the Doctor too sort of.  Both of us can’t go by that name and not confuse everyone.  I like Tau.  I choose Tau.  Tau Sigma.”

          The Doctor…Theta pondered that for a moment.  He nodded accepting it.  “Theta and Tau Sigma,” he grinned looking at Donna.  “You realize by a majority of human tradition, this makes you Donna Sigma, right?”

          Donna shrugged and grinned.  “Meh.  I can live with it,” she twisted and kissed Tau, then did the same to Theta.  “Now let’s get started on forever.”

          Theta grinned.  “Molto bene,” he said before claiming her lips once more.

“Time has been rewritten.”
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