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Be Magnificent

This just popped into my head this evening while in the shower.  Dunno why, but it did, and I thought "hey what the hell?  I'll post it."  So yeah.  Just a bit of drabble.  

It's not part of the Belle series.  It's post EoT.  It's also the Eleventh Doctor.  Not romance, just a friend checking on a friend.  We're going to pretend that getting a tattoo is something Donna really would like to do.  =P

I don't own Doctor Who, Eleven, Donna or Nerys.  The BBC does.  Please read and enjoy...

The two women left the tattoo parlor, one of them, a tall ginger woman rubbing the bandage on her shoulder where underneath, the words Be Magnificent in a bright blue ink had been tattooed.  The other woman looked over at her with a confused look on her face.

“What, Nerys?” the ginger woman asked rolling her eyes.  “Still wondering why I got this?”

“Well, yeah,” the one called Nerys said.  “You still haven’t given me a solid reason for getting that tattooed to your shoulder.  The words, not the actual tattoo.  I know you’ve wanted one of those for a while now.”

“And I told you when we got here, I’m not sure why I chose this.  It just felt right,” the ginger woman’s voice trailed off as they passed an alleyway.  She slowed, certain she’d seen something out of the corner of her eye.  She stopped briefly to look, and seeing nothing, went back to where Nerys stood impatiently tapping her foot. 

            When the women had passed by, and were a distance from the alleyway, a man in a tweed jacket and red bowtie, with brown hair flopping over his forehead stepped out, and watched them.  “I know why,” he said softly to the air.  “Because you, Donna Noble were, are, and will always be magnificent.”  He watched for a minute more as the duo slipped into a clothing store, before turning back down the alleyway.  Moments later, a grinding noise could be heard, and a blue police box, the exact shade of blue of Donna’s new tattoo faded out of sight.

Tags: doctor who, donna noble, eleventh doctor, ficlet, rated-g
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