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The TARDIS Intervenes Part Three

Yeesh.  That was weird.  Thank the Lord for the "switch to old version" link.  DNW a new posting thing. =/  

Anyhow, this is it.  Finally.  The third part of this three part oneshot.  I hope it doesn't disappoint.  It's going to be rated R because of some language and character death.  Lex kind of took over with the anger and such.  

My muse for this series has kind of gone on a vacation of sorts so this might be the last in the Belle series for a while.  Which means you might hate the ending, I don't know.  *sigh* Stupid muse.  *kicks muse*

As always, I don't own Doctor Who, Ten, Ten II, Donna, Torchwood, Gwen, Ianto, Jack or the TARDIS. The BBC does.  Please read and enjoy...

There was silence in the hub except for the muffled sobs and apologies from the Doctor who was clinging to Donna, face hidden in her stomach.  Jack, Ianto, Donna and Lex were silent, each in their own thoughts over what had just happened.  They were all pretty much in the doorway of the police box.  Ianto was more than slightly confused as he had only gotten emotions, and no images to clarify them.  But he knew from the emotions and the reactions of the others that the images were not all pleasant. 

            Donna had one hand on the Doctor’s shoulder, while the other ran softly and slowly through his hair, unconsciously comforting the Time Lord.  She was still leaning on Lex a little, his arm across her shoulders.  After several minutes, movement to the side drew their attention as Idris moved away from the doorway and back towards the open panel.  “It is time,” she said.  “Torchwood Lady grows weak,” she looked at the Doctor, who was still on his knees, though no longer sobbing and saw he was looking at her. 

“Can you…can you forgive me?” the Doctor asked weakly. 

“Can I?” Idris asked archly.  “Or perhaps the better question is should I?”

            The Doctor pushed away from Donna, stood and lowered his head. “No,” he murmured.  “You shouldn’t.  I’ve been a blind fool.  An old fool.  She did save me in a way, at first.  And I held onto that, allowing her to…act how she did.  I…the things I let her get away with…” his voice trailed off, and he stared blankly for a moment before shaking himself.  “No, you’d be right to not forgive me.  All of you would.”

She approached him and touched his cheek.  “As you are my Thief, I am yours. We chose each other.  We are all that is left of Gallifrey, but for the energies that flow through Kind Ginger Lady, Other Thief, and Tiny Infant.  We are bonded, Time Lord to TARDIS, TARDIS to Time Lord.   We share a kind of love.  In time I will forgive you.  As I hope these others will forgive you.  As I hope you will forgive yourself.”

            The Doctor looked up at Idris in a sort of shock, and raised his hand to touch hers.  But he was too overwhelmed to speak.  Idris lifted her hand, turned it and held his, squeezing it.   She raised it to her lips and gave it a small kiss.  With no other words, she moved to the open panel in the floor and they all watched as she began to glow bright, and the light moved out of Gwen’s body, and back into the Heart of the TARDIS.  The bright light faded as the panel closed, and the background hum returned to the timeship.  Jack leapt forward to catch Gwen as she slumped forward, a stretcher appearing in the doorway leading to the interior of the TARDIS.


Donna, Lex, and Ianto just kind of stared at the stretcher, while Jack laid Gwen on it.  “I need to take her to your medbay,” Jack said looking at the Doctor.  “Hey Doc!” he called when the Doctor didn’t respond.  He was staring at the panel in the floor where the golden light of Idris had returned.

            The Doctor shook himself, looked up at Jack and nodded.  “Right.  She’ll be fine.  We’ll get her fixed up,” he pushed past Jack and the stretcher, leading them to the medbay.  Jack pushed the stretcher, Ianto rushing to help.  Donna looked at Lex, who shook his head.  He was staying in the console room.  She patted his arm, lifted Susie out of the bassinette she had been in, and gently woke Belle.  She led Belle out of the console room and took both girls to her’s and the Doctor’s room.


            The Doctor ran instruments over Gwen, assessing her condition, and telling Jack and Ianto that the woman was fine, there would be no lasting effects other than being tired for a while.  The TARDIS had made good on her promise not to harm her.  He told them they could take her back to the hub, or let her rest in the medbay.  Jack and Ianto nodded and watched as the Doctor left the medbay, wondering what he and the others would do now.  Remembering Lex’s anger, he told Ianto to stay with Gwen, he was going to follow the Doctor.

            The Doctor checked on Donna, Belle, and Susie, the girls were back to sleep, and Donna was laying on the bed reading a book.  He went in, and sat on the bed facing her, but keeping his head down.  She laid the book down, and watched him.  He took her hand, giving a weak smile when she squeezed it.   She reached out, placed her hand under his chin and raised his head, to meet his eyes with hers. 

He gave a shaky sigh.  “What have I done?” he asked so softly Donna wouldn’t have been sure he’d spoken at all if not for the slightly enhanced hearing she had as a result of the metacrisis and partial regeneration.  “How will I ever begin to repair this?  Repair what I’ve done to Lex?  To all of you?”

“Time,” was all Donna said.  “In time, just like Idris said.  It’ll take time, but we’ll all forgive you.”

            The Doctor felt a mental nudge from the TARDIS reminding him that Lex was still in the console room.  He decided it was time to go talk to his brother, get everything that wasn’t already out in the open out there.  He gave Donna a tender kiss, before getting up from the bed, going to the other side where Belle was sleeping and kissing her forehead, and then looking at Susie who was sleeping on the bed as well, near Donna, he left the room.


            Lex had been pacing the console room, back and forth.  His anger despite Idris’ intervention was still high.  He looked up at the sound of footsteps, and his anger went up a notch at the sight of the Doctor.  The Doctor could feel the anger flowing off him in waves.  He stopped at the side of the console, and spread his arms in a gesture of peace.  “I know it’s not nearly enough, but I am so sorry.  So very sorry.”

            Jack had followed the Doctor from the medbay, and had hid outside Donna and the Doctor’s bedroom.  When the Doctor left, he followed him to the console room, where the TARDIS provided him a small alcove to wait in just in case things grew violent between the brothers.  He heard the Doctor tell Lex, he was sorry, and waited for the other man to reply.

            Lex stopped his pacing at the apology and leveled a cold glare at his brother.  “You’re sorry,” he spat.  “Like that makes everything better.”

“As I said, I know it’s not nearly enough, but it’s all I have right now.”

“Damn straight it’s not enough.”

“Tell me what I can do.  What I can say,” the Doctor didn’t move from his spot, but once again held out his hands.

            Lex stared at the man whose hand he’d come from.  Standing there with his arms outstretched, and an almost pleading look on his face.  Wide brown eyes that echoed sorrow stared back.  And Lex felt a torrent of rage bubble up within him.  “There’s nothing you can say, and nothing you can do,” he snarled.  “Not now, not ever.”

“But…,” now the Doctor did step forward, towards Lex.  “But there must be something I can do.  Anything.”

            Lex let his brother step forward, closer as his own hands tingled with inaction.  “No.  Don’t you get it?  I hate you,” he said with a sneer.  “Even if there was something I was remotely interested in you doing, I wouldn’t have you do it.  There would be no point to it.  You’d do it because you somehow think I’d be able to forgive you then.  And I won’t.  Because I hate Rose, I hate what happened, I hate what you did to me, and most of all I hate you,” he backed away from the Doctor, his face losing the glare but none of the frigidness.  “Sometimes I find myself wanting to hate Donna too because she played a part of my creation and she stood by doing nothing while you exiled me with that stupid selfish bint.  But I can’t hate her.  Not really.  Because she’s Donna, and on some sort of level I love her.  Dunno why, since she fucked me over just as well as you did. But you.  You I can always hate.  You I will always hate.  Forever.”

“I accept that,” the Doctor said softly, and he did, though his hearts hurt at his brother’s words.  After all, this was what he did, wasn’t it?  Ruined people’s lives.  The words of Davros echoed back in his mind.  He felt the protest of this from the TARDIS in his mind as well as the blast of cold air over him.  He decided that one more try couldn’t hurt though, and he met his brother’s eyes.  “Forever is a long time, you know.”

“Your point?” Lex muttered.

“Just that it’s a long time.  You might change your mind?” the Doctor gave what he hoped was a hopeful grin, though he didn’t feel any hope.  Right now all he felt fully were the titles of Bringer of Darkness, and Destroyer of Worlds.

“Not bloody likely,” Lex said, noting the Doctor’s face as it fell, and whatever hope might have shown there disappeared, leaving only sadness and desolation.  He would not deny himself the small amount of glee he felt at this.  “I should go get Susie, and work on getting us situated.”

“She’s with Donna,” the Doctor mumbled.  “Sleeping, as is Belle.”

“Ah, yes.   Belle.  I should stick around to see how you tell her what happened to Gallifrey, the Time Lords, and the Daleks,” he smirked.  “How are you going to justify exiling me for doing the same thing you did?  At least she’s blind so you don’t have to worry about looking her in the eye.  Not that you ever do, with anyone.  If you did, you’d have seen Rose for what she truly was and we wouldn’t be here, would we?  Oh, how is little innocent Belle going to deal with the fact that the man she looks to as “father” killed his entire race?  Two entire races actually.”

“Don’t,” the Doctor growled, a bit of anger brewing in him now.  “Leave Belle out of this.”

“Fine.  Let’s talk about Donna then, shall we?” Lex deliberately baited the Time Lord.  “You’re looking cozy and together.  Forgave the mind wipe then, did she?”

“We’ve dealt with it, yes,” the Doctor said.  “And this is your concern how?”

            Lex rolled his eyes, and turned away.  “Tell me,” he said.  “Do you look Donna in the eye when you fuck her? Or do you look away?  Do you imagine she’s Rose?” he knew the Doctor didn’t, and from his memories of being the Doctor, knew he loved Donna deeply much more than any previous infatuation he might have felt for Rose.  But he didn’t care.  He wanted the Doctor to hurt.  To be angry.  To feel what he felt.  To hate him back.  And he would say anything, do anything to make that happen.  He gave an evil grin. “How does she feel knowing she’s second best to a little blonde bint, who tried to destroy the universe?  Or is she just happy she’s getting fucked, like a good little Time Lord’s whore?”  His baiting was rewarded when the Doctor lunged at him.

“I don’t care how angry you are with me, or what you say about me, but you will never ever speak about Donna in that way,” the Doctor’s hands fisted Lex’s collar in a white knuckled grip.

“Oh, yeah?” Lex sneered.  “And what are you going to do about it?” he pushed the Doctor’s hands off his clothes, and shoved the man back.  “Hmm, wonder what Wilf would think of his beloved granddaughter being the whore of an alien.  Or Sylvia.  Speaking of Sylvia, since I’m part Donna, that makes me part her,” he wrinkled his nose.  “That’s a rather horrific thought.  Eh, well, can’t choose your family,” he gave a sniff.  “Perhaps that’s what I should do then.  Go to Chiswick and fill in my family on the details.  Would you like that?  Should I go there and tell them how you’ve turned Donna into your whore?  Yeah.  I think-”

            Lex didn’t get to finish as the Doctor had re-launched himself at his brother, punching him square in the face.  Lex fought back, and soon the men were rolling on the console floor, punching, kicking, and screaming out their rage in Gallifreyan.  Lex reveled in it, his goal of angering the Time Lord achieved, and now he could finish what in the back of his mind had always been the true goal.  Killing the Doctor.

            When the fighting grew silent and the punches and kicks struck more purposeful locations, the TARDIS nudged Jack out to break it up.  The TARDIS had been reluctant to let the fight go on, but sensed it needed to, that they needed to both get their anger out, until she realized Lex’s true plans, the fight having lowered his mental shields significantly.  Jack rushed forward into the fray, and grabbed at the nearest appendage, that being the Doctor’s arm, and pulled.  He successfully pulled the Time Lord free, but their combined weight and momentum toppled them down, leaving Lex standing by the console, breathing heavily.  Lex, furious that the fight had been stopped, reached down, grabbed the mallet the Doctor used, and brought it down on the Doctor’s head.  Or so he tried.  Jack pushed the Doctor out of the way, and the mallet struck his head instead.  And then he knew nothing.

            The brothers both looked down at the prone figure lying on the grating.  The Doctor knelt next to Jack and felt for a pulse.  “He’s dead,” he murmured. 

“He’ll come back,” Lex said, just as quietly. 

“He still died,” the Doctor snarled. 

“For you,” Lex said back.  “Yet another death, for you,” he turned to leave the console room, only to see Donna in the doorway holding his daughter.  He took the baby, then went to leave the TARDIS.  “Goodbye Doctor.  I honestly hope to never see you again,” he turned to Donna.  “I do hope the two of you enjoy your next visit to your mum and Gramps,” with a sneering smile he left.

“What does he mean?” Donna asked the Doctor.  “What is he talking about?”  She ran to the doors Lex had just left.  “OI! Get back here!  You get back here now, and tell me what you’re talking about!”

“Let him go, Donna,” the Doctor said quietly.  “Just…let him go.”

            She came back to him, and dropped to her knees beside him, watching as he stroked Jack’s face waiting for the Immortal to revive.  She dipped her head to see his face and was shocked by the desolation she saw.  “What in God’s name happened here?” she murmured.  The TARDIS gave a shuddering rumble, and Donna gasped as the Doctor reached out to her, collapsed against her and began to sob.  She gathered him close, and rocked him.  She didn’t know what else to do.


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