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Sleep Sweet

I am one of those with severe JE ending denial, but this just wouldn't leave me alone.  And I'm kind of in a sad mood, so the timing I guess was right.  So I figured I'd just sit down, get it written and have done with it.  Wasn't sure if I was going to post it, but thought I would anyhow.  Fair warning, it's sad.  But you probably already knew it was going to be.

What if the metacrisis killed Donna before Ten could do anything about it?  I've not named the planet, but I'm sure you can figure it out.  I don't own it.  This is also (quite obviously =P) not part of the Belle series.  It implies Ten/Donna.  And we're all going to use our imaginations and pretend Sylvia and Wilf would be okay with this.  

In other news, I'm hoping the muse for the Belle series, specifically the third part of the TARDIS Intervenes returns soon.  *sigh* 

As always, I don't own Ten, Donna, or Doctor Who.  The BBC does.  Please read and enjoy...

             It is right that it should be here.  For here was where the name DoctorDonna was first spoken.  Here was where the prophesy began.  And here was where she would remain forever.

He stands alone on the icy cliff, the cold winds and the snow blowing round him, the bottom of his coat flapping against his legs.  But he doesn’t notice the cold, or the snow.  The only thing he’s truly aware of is the planet he stands on, and the object in his hands.  It’s metal, but not an Earth metal.  The shape is nothing out of the ordinary, just a metal jar really.  What metal it’s made of, he’s not sure, it’s something from the TARDIS, provided to him by the TARDIS to house what’s inside.  

            That’s what’s important, the contents of this metal jar. Which brings him to why he’s here.  He takes out his sonic, and aiming it at a flat spot near the edge of the cliff, he bores out a small hole.  Carefully laying the jar inside, he presses two fingers to his lips, then to the metal jar.  Using the sonic he covers the hole. 

            He pulls another piece of metal from the never-ending pockets of his jacket.  This piece of metal he knows well.  It’s one of the few remaining pieces of Gallifrey he has.  He spent several hours working with it to get it just right before coming here.  It is rectangular, and depending on how the light hits it, it shines orangey-red, with highlights of silver.  If he listens hard enough, he can hear it chime faintly as the leaves of the trees of his long lost home did. 

            The edges are shaped in a rippled fashion, while the main part is flat.  On it, written in both Gallifreyan, and twenty-first century English are the words “The DoctorDonna, Donna Noble, The Most Important Woman in All Creation”.  He runs his fingers across the delicate script, then lays it carefully atop the hole he just covered.  He presses yet another button on his sonic, creating a force field that will protect the marker from the elements. It is now, that he allows the tears he’s kept at bay for so long to fall.  He kneels on front of the marker, watching as the softly falling snow tries to cover it, but the field around the marker stops it, as well as the tears falling from his face. 

            He cries over it for several minutes, or hours, he’s not keeping track right now, and like he had with the jar, presses two fingers to his lips, and then to the marker.  Standing, he takes a shaky breath.  “Sleep sweet, my love,” he whispers before turning and walking silently, back to the TARDIS.

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