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The TARDIS Intervenes Part Two

First of all, sorry this is taking so long.  But the third part really doesn't want to be written, and some things from two years ago are unfortunately resurfacing so my writing is kind of stalled.  But I am trying to get things written, albeit very very slowly. 

Here is the second part, and I can safely say this went in a completely different direction than I thought it would.  And I made Ten a little more clueless than I would hope he was.  >_>  Also, again, this isn't Rose friendly.  Let's all just pretend that Rose said/did things to Donna after the Earth was towed back and before she and Lex were left in Pete's World that were rather unkind, okay?  Okay.  =P  

Again, not entirely sure how the TARDIS telepathy works, but this is my guess.  Plus of fic I guess, you can make stuff up if necessary.  *sigh* 

This is also rated R, just in case.  

As always, I don't own Ten, Donna, Jack, Gwen, Ianto, the TARDIS, Torchwood or Doctor Who.  The BBC does.  Please read and enjoy...

When the doors to the TARDIS opened, and Donna emerged just after going inside with Gwen and Susie, the others looked at her confused.  She just shrugged and said she felt the TARDIS wanted her with them, and not inside.  She couldn’t explain it really, but the Doctor and Lex, both of whom were and had been linked to the timeship understood what she meant.  But none of them were prepared for what happened next. 

            The doors opened again, and Gwen emerged, but she was different.  Her eyes were golden, she moved as though legs were something new to her, and there was a long golden thread of light extending from her.  She went to the Doctor, ran her hand down his cheek and spoke to him in a low, yet lilting voice.  “Hello my Thief.  We have…so much to discuss.”

“Gwen?” Jack’s voice sounded where the Doctor’s couldn’t or wouldn’t.  The rest were stunned into silence.

            Gwen, or whoever was inhabiting Gwen looked at Jack.  “Immortal Man.  I meet you at last,” she gave him a small smile.  “I am so sorry for what Loud Yellow Hair has sentenced you to.  A life with no death,” she took his hand at the expression on his face.

“Who are you?” he demanded, jerking his hand back.  “What have you done to Gwen?  What have you done with Gwen?”

“Torchwood Lady is alright.  She gave consent.  She is within me.  I am her and she is me.  I am also the TARDIS.  We are two into one.  It was necessary for what I need to do.”

“You’re an idris,” the Doctor murmured.

“A what?” Jack asked.

“An idris.  A dual entity.  She’s part Gwen, part TARDIS,” the Doctor frowned.  “But why?  And how?”

“You are correct Thief.  You may address me as Idris, it suits as a name.  For why, because you, Thief need to face some truths, that have been long in coming.  As for how, I transferred some of my consciousness into the mind of Torchwood Lady.  I linked to her mind, and you can see the link between her and my heart,” Idris saw the looks of concern on Jack’s and Ianto’s faces.  “She is safe, Immortal Man.  I wish no damage upon her.”


“There is not much time. I do not wish for damage, thus my time is short,” she looked at the Doctor.  “Shall we speak?”

“Of what?” the Doctor was confused.  He had never known a TARDIS, any TARDIS much less his own that could or would share their consciousness.  And he really didn’t know what his TARDIS could want to discuss with him.

“Loud Yellow Hair, the one you call Rose Tyler and your inability to see the damage she has caused to me, your friends, and the multiverse.”

The Doctor looked affronted by that, furrowing his brow.  “Yes, I know the Dimension Cannon was a wildly horrendous invention that almost destroyed everything, but she’s-“

“But she is what? Exiled? Yes.  Punished? Not really. Remorseful? No.  Selfish and immature? Yes.  Dangerous?  Yes.  One only has to listen to Other Thief and his story to know that.  One only has to ask me, or Immortal Man to know that as well.  In one of those universes she allowed Kind Ginger Lady to die and killed me to further her desire to return to you.  You ought to open your eyes to her true self, Thief.  Loud Yellow Hair is rotten with selfishness, immaturity, an inability to care at all what happens to others, who she hurts, violates or even kills to get what she wants.”

“Now, that’s a little harsh don’t you think?” the Doctor spoke before he thought.  He knew what Rose had done, and he didn’t approve obviously, but what Idris was saying, he felt was too much.

“Harsh?  Harsh?!” Idris’ face twisted in anger, the gold light in her eyes flashing, and golden energy snapped around her.  The tendril of light tethering her to the open panel inside the police box alternately brightened and dimmed with pulses of anger.  She took steps towards the Time Lord. “She tore me open, the rape of a TARDIS, she took in the Time Vortex using it to commit genocide of the Exterminators, she cursed Immortal Man to never die, she caused you to lose your ninth face, and you still kept her with you.  It was good that she was lost to the Universe Of The Others.  But she built that travesty.  She used it to bounce all over the multiverse, never once considering the thousands of civilizations that she destroyed.  She killed me and she killed Kind Ginger Lady in one of those universes.  It was that that allowed the Exterminators to break through the Time Lock.  Was it not for her, Kind Ginger Lady would not have almost died.  Yet you gave…gave…Other Thief to her as some sort of prize, and look what was done to him,” Idris had backed him against a desk.

The Doctor blinked at the woman he knew as Gwen, but was Idris and his TARDIS.  He was a little frightened by this display of her anger, but he squared his shoulders, and looked her straight in the eye.  “What would you have had me do then?” he challenged, regretting it immediately and wincing when the energy around her crackled and snapped against him.  His momentary bravado retreated.

She should have been taken to the Shadow Proclamation and executed!” Idris shouted.  “By the bones of The Man Called Rassilon, Time Lord, you truly are blinded and bewitched by that…thing.  If you will not listen, then you will see,” she took a final step forward, placed her hands at his temples, and proceeded to telepathically show him everything Rose had done from her perspective.  He would feel it as well.   

            The Doctor felt Idris make contact, and images flowed into his mind.  He felt her pain and violation as Rose tore into her.  He felt the Time Vortex taken from her heart, weakening her.  He felt what she felt when his ninth self burned with the Vortex and died.  He felt her anger and discontent when Rose was still allowed to stay on.  And he felt her relief when the girl was lost to Pete’s World. 

            The others watched in horrified fascination as Idris placed her hands on the Doctor’s contact points.  They gasped when the golden light surrounded Idris and the Doctor, and the Doctor began to wail, his body shaking with the effort not to collapse.  Donna and Lex suddenly swayed on their feet, when images were projected into their minds, Idris reaching their minds through their bonds with the Doctor, specifically, Donna’s with the Doctor, and Lex’s with Donna.  They could not feel the pain or emotions, but they could see the images, and they blindly clutched at each other.  Idris could reach Jack’s mind, though it was weak, and just snatches of images.  Ianto, being empathic picked up the feelings, and clutched Jack for all he was worth.

            Idris didn’t stop there, she continued, sharing what she felt, or rather what her alternate felt when she was killed, and when Donna was killed.  And then everything that happened with the Crucible.  The pain she felt as she fell and burned.  Lex’s creation, the metacrisis creation, and the emergence of the DoctorDonna, the latter of which did not cause pain, but pride and happiness. 

            He felt her despair at the banishment of Lex, and her utter despondency at the demise of the DoctorDonna.  He felt a calming and thought it might be over, but then he felt new emotions, ones that weren’t Idris’, but ones she was projection to him from Lex and Donna.  Things he hadn’t heard when the Earth was returned, comments Rose had made, things she’d done.  Things that had hurt Donna, even though Rose made herself out to like Donna.  Then he was filled with what Lex felt his entire time in Pete’s World.  He felt his body begin to shudder.

            Donna and Lex having seen the images Idris projected to the Doctor, now saw images from their own minds flow through the link.  Lex felt a certain gratification in knowing the Doctor would see just what Rose had done to him, essentially what the Doctor had done by exiling him with her.  Donna tried to stop Idris from showing the Doctor her memories of Rose, believing them not to be as important as the others, but Idris remained stalwart and used them, reassuring Donna it was for the best, and her memories were just as important. 

            The Doctor saw these, and felt them, and the last traces of denial and lingering affection for Rose Tyler faded away.  Guilt and remorse flooded his being, and he knew distantly that he was sobbing.  He blamed himself for being unable to let go of the first living soul that had shown they cared about him after the Time War.  He saw now, unable to do otherwise, what Rose really was and what she had done, not just to him, but to everyone he cared about.  Pure unadulterated rage filled him, and with it, incredible mental strength.  He wrenched himself from Idris physically and mentally, and in his haze, he saw Jack, and Ianto standing near Lex and Donna who were wrapped around one another, all four of them staring at him and at Idris.  Ianto was pale and holding onto Jack.  And Jack was just stunned.  The Doctor stared at them, his eyes black, his face blank.

            Idris stepped back, out of the range of the angry Time Lord, she gestured for the others to do the same.  “Why?” Jack asked, not moving an inch. 

“It will come,” was all Idris said, before she stepped further into the police box. 

“What will come?” Jack asked, pulling his hand from Ianto’s who had been tugging him in the direction of the police box.  Lex and Donna looked from Idris to the Doctor, and chose to follow her.  Ianto close behind. 

            With a howl and a crash, Jack received his answer as the Oncoming Storm unleashed.  The Doctor roared, and sent desks flying.  He screamed and the couch found itself wedged on the steps leading to the main door.  He ranted and raved in Gallifreyan, his hands shaking as they hit, tossed, or pushed whatever they came into contact with.  He wailed and howled, bloodying his hands, and bruising his feet as they kicked out at objects.  And when his anger was spent, and the Storm dissipated, he limped to Donna’s side, dropped to his knees, buried his face in her stomach, and sobbed that he was sorry.  So sorry.

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