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The TARDIS Intervenes Part One

This is the first of a three part oneshot.  I've got the second one almost done, but no promises on posting it soon.  The third one is presenting a problem.  I'm hoping this first part makes sense, as it's the first I wrote around Cheeky Monkey's schedule.  I have gone over it a few times.  It is a little on the short side.

I really feel like this series needs some oneshots from the TARDIS' POV.  Hence why this first part is from the POV of the TARDIS.  The name I use, "Idris" was borrowed from "The Doctor's Wife".  I changed it from a name to a word that can also be used as a name.  

I'm not an expert on telepathy, and I'm not entirely sure how the TARDIS would accomplish this, but this is my thought on it.  I hope you like it.  

As always, I don't own Ten, Donna, or Doctor Who.  Please read and enjoy...  

Unknown to the arguing parties in The Room Below The Place Where A Rift Lives in front of her, the TARDIS was listening carefully, and her circuits flared when she heard Thief giving Loud Yellow Hair a defense of sorts.  Didn’t he pay attention to her actions while she travelled with them?  Her whining, her selfishness, her immaturity?  Her disregard for the TARDIS during the Game Station events that resulted in Immortal Man becoming immortal, and Thief losing his ninth face after taking the Vortex from her.   The TARDIS had had a plan to get to Thief and Immortal Man, she just wasn’t given the chance to put it into action because of the idiocy of Loud Yellow Hair.  Then there was her further disregard for the multiverse as she used that Dimension Cannon to get back to this universe?  She was thinking he didn’t. 

            She also knew that Thief’s lingering bit of affection for Loud Yellow Hair would have been detrimental to the life of Kind Ginger Lady if Loud Yellow Hair had remained and not been exiled.  She could give her Thief that much.  Loud Yellow Hair had been punished.  Not to the extent she deserved, but at least it was something.  But still, Kind Ginger Lady may well have died at that second wedding of hers had Loud Yellow Hair stayed.  For Thief would have attempted a relationship with her, and not the woman he truly belonged with, and that would have had disastrous consequences, if the TARDIS’ thoughts were correct (which they were, because she was the TARDIS after all). 

            When they’d arrived in The Room Below The Place Where A Rift Lives, the TARDIS had sensed a third mind with Time Lord attributes, more so that Kind Ginger Lady, as well as a tiny mind more like Kind Ginger Lady, but so very young, and she’d sung in joy as Duplicate of Thief made himself known.  He became Other Thief, not Duplicate Thief in that moment.  She listened to Other Thief and his story, her anger at Loud Yellow Hair exponentially increasing, while the tiny mind she sensed caused happiness.  She christened it Tiny Infant, for that is what it was.  Female as well. 

            Other Thief was angry, he and Thief were arguing, and Gentle Child who had been sleeping, woke up and made her way to the console room and door.  The TARDIS allowed her to open the door.  While the people might think that it was bad for Gentle Child to hear this, the TARDIS felt it was necessary.  Thief needed to confront what he’d done to Other Thief, his tolerance of Loud Yellow Hair’s actions before she’d been trapped in the other universe, as well as for the Dimension Cannon.  As for the events of the Time War, the TARDIS would say she was biased.  She would back her Thief up over those events every time, and woe betide anyone who spoke against him for that.  But she would give Other Thief his points.  The destruction of Home Gallifrey and the Time Lord race as well as the Daleks was genocide.  Thief had been every bit as dangerous and angry after that as Other Thief was when he was created.  He had no call to exile Other Thief for the actions on the Crucible.  The events on the Crucible were every bit as creation destroying as the Time War. 

            The TARDIS could hear and feel the tension outside her, and she knew she needed to intervene somehow, but she wasn’t sure of a way. 

            She could see Kind Ginger Lady who was holding Tiny Infant, and Torchwood Lady (she didn’t know these two humans who worked with Immortal Man that well, so they were christened Torchwood Lady, and Torchwood Man), going towards her open doors.  The thoughts swelled in her, one in particular, and once the two women, and Tiny Infant were inside her, she mentally nudged Kind Ginger Lady to lay Tiny Infant in the bassinette she’d put next to the jump seat, and to return to the Room Below The Place Where A Rift Lives.  She used her telepathy to open Torchwood Lady’s mind and encourage her to close her eyes after sitting on the jump seat.  She calmed the woman, soothing her with song.  She didn’t like doing this mental pushing with anyone, especially with Kind Ginger Lady, someone she cared about greatly, but she didn’t see an alternative.  She needed to communicate with Thief in a way that all the others could hear.  She needed a corporeal body to accomplish what was needed.  Kind Ginger Lady would be needed to calm Thief, as well as hear what had been done. The others would be needed to hear and to help if Thief’s anger became too much for Kind Ginger Lady to handle, something the TARDIS thought a real possibility.  This had the potential to release the Oncoming Storm, not just threaten it.

  Torchwood Lady was the only real possibility.  She was sure she could accomplish this temporary merging of consciousness without serious damage.

            When Kind Ginger Lady had exited her, she placed a small bed next to the bassinette, mentally nudged Gentle Child to lay down and join Tiny Infant in slumber.  Once this was finished, she turned her attention to Torchwood Lady.  She asked the woman for consent to use her, and tried to convey her intentions.  Torchwood Lady was given some time to think about this and the TARDIS was relieved when consent was given.  She assessed the woman’s mental strengths, and abilities as well as physical strength.  Torchwood Lady was fit, both physically and mentally, and though the TARDIS would never dream of sharing her entire consciousness, she decided a bridge of sorts would suffice. She would use Torchwood Lady as a vehicle for communication.   

            The same panel that Loud Yellow Hair had violently bent up, when she ripped into the TARDIS, lifted and golden light wafted up and towards Torchwood Lady.  Like when Kind Ginger Lady had touched Thief’s hand in a jar, the light entered Torchwood Lady’s eyes, nose and mouth.  When the TARDIS felt comfortable with the control over the woman, suppressing her consciousness and asserting her own, though not with the strength or power of the full Vortex of Time, and not with the powerful energy of regeneration such as with the metacrisis, she tested it.  She moved the physical body, delighting in the simple action of walking. 

            After completing two circuits of the console, steadying herself on Torchwood Lady’s legs, she prepared herself.  She would have to identify herself to Thief and the others, who would no doubt be alarmed by the sight of her.  She saw herself in this form as two entities yet one.  A hybrid entity, no matter the temporariness of it.  Part Home Gallifrey, part Home Earth.  Thus she named herself Idris, the Gallifreyan word for two into one. 

            Pushing her hands down over herself, and straightening her clothes, Idris moved to the doors and opened them.  To maintain a link to her remaining consciousness, a tendril of golden light stretched out between her and the open panel.  The eyes of all outside the police box turned to her, and they stood stunned.  She placed her gaze on Thief, and a slow smile spread across her face.  “Hello, my Thief,” she approached him, and ran her hand down his cheek.  “We have…so much to discuss.”

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