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A Brother's Return; The Story of Alexander Noble

I managed to finish this early and decided to go ahead and post it.  It will be a while before any more is posted, as on Friday, Saturday and Sunday hubby and I have certification classes to attend in order to become provisional relative foster parents to our niece.  Next week, we will be going to the stores to purchase the furniture we need to have for her.  So it will be busy, busy, busy.  Also exciting.  Very exciting.

Now, I never knew exactly if I was ever going to bring back Ten II, but the TARDIS fic I wrote and with a couple questions from readers gave my brain a niggling and here we are.  I wanted a different take on Ten II and came up with this.  I hope it meets with your approval. =)

Also, it's not Rose friendly.  I watched The Stolen Earth at a friends house and we got annoyed with Rose (for the millionth time for me =P) when she was at Sylvia and Wilf's watching all the companions on the computer and whining that she had been there first.  My friend who's watching New Who for the first time threw her pizza crust at the TV and asked why Rose must continue to act like a two year old.  I started laughing so hard.  Anyhow.  Yeah.  Not Rose friendly.  

As always, I don't own Ten, Donna, Ten II, Jack, Ianto, Gwen, Jackie, Pete, Rose, Doctor Who, or Torchwood.  The BBC does.  Please read and enjoy...

There was relative silence inside the hub of Torchwood Three, Jack was in his office, Gwen on the computer, and Ianto puttering about the kitchen.  It had been a silent few days, and they were enjoying the relative peace.  Their last mission had ended with all three of them covered in neon orange goo, that no matter what they used would not come out of their clothes.  Jack had called the Doctor and asked if he had something on the TARDIS, or if they could go get something for it, but Wilf had answered the TARDIS phone and told him Belle had been seriously injured and they were waiting to see if she’d recover.  Neon orange goo ruined clothes suddenly seemed rather unimportant. 

            So deep into enjoying the peace were they, that they didn’t hear the faint humming that increased in volume until it stopped with a bang, and an impressive amount of smoke like vapor.   Gwen screamed and drew her weapon, Ianto came running out of the kitchen, weapon raised, and Jack did the same from his office.  They kept said weapons aimed at the vapor and waited for it to clear as well as the being inside it to stop coughing.

“Well.” The being said quietly, straightening to a standing position.  “That didn’t go too badly,” the vapor cleared the rest of the way, revealing a tall familiar looking lanky man, his arms wrapped around a small bundle.  He looked around, a frown appearing on his face.  “The hub of Torchwood Three?  Didn’t expect to land here.  Cardiff maybe. London hopefully.  But not inside the hub.  Huh.  Got the date right though,” he turned to the three wide-eyed people staring at him.  He grinned and waved one of his hands.  “Hello.  Jack, you’re looking well.  You two must be Gwen and Ianto.  Yes?  Yes.  Didn’t get to meet you before I left.”

“…Doctor?” Ianto asked, when neither Jack nor Gwen seemed inclined to speak.

“Oh, no.  Not him.  Well, sort of him.”

“You’re the Duplicate Doctor,” Jack said. 

“I am.  Lex Noble actually.  Well, Alexander Noble, but Tony couldn’t say Alexander, or Alex really, so I became Lex.”


“Jackie’s son.  You know.  Jackie Tyler?  Rose’s mum?  She and Pete had a son.  Anthony.  They call him Tony.  But yeah, a son.”

“But you were in Pete’s World.  You were dropped off there with Rose.”

            And a dark look crossed Lex’s face.  “I was.  My brother left me there.  With no say.  Wasn’t going to stay there.  And I would have come back sooner, but for Susie.  Had a bit of a wait for her.”


            Lex shifted the bundle in his arms and a baby’s face appeared.  “Yup.  Susie.  My daughter.  I call her Susie, but her name is Donna Sue.  Donna, for her aunt.  Donna would be her aunt.  And Sue for my…his…granddaughter Susan.”

“Who’s her mother?” Jack asked, after the three Torchwood personnel had cooed over Susie.

“Rose,” Lex’s voice was flat.

“Is she with you?”

“Absolutely not.  I spent all this time not only trying to get back to this universe safely without ripping apart the walls, but trying to get away from that bloody bint.   Never wanted to be with her in the first place after what she did. Wasn’t going to bring her along.”

“But…if Susie is yours and Rose’s daughter, and you…well apparently you hated her, how…?”  Jack was thoroughly confused.  “And how the hell did you figure out how to get back here?”

“That’s the story, isn’t it?”

“Well, we’ve got time.  Rift’s been quiet.  No time like the present.”

“I’ll tell you on a couple conditions.”

“They are?”

“Susie and I haven’t eaten in over a day, so some food would be nice.  Baby formula if you have it for her,” Lex waited as Jack waved Ianto off to the kitchen.  “Then I need to know where I can find my brother.  There are things I’d like to say to him,” his eyes darkened.

“First one I can guarantee, but the second one I’m not sure.  You see, the Doctor and Donna have an adopted daughter, long story, I’ll fill you in later, but Belle, that’s her name.  Belle was injured and it’s quite serious.  When I called earlier, Wilf answered and said they weren’t taking calls.”

“The Doctor and Donna?  But the meta-crisis.  Her mind was going to burn.  I felt it.  And what’s this about a daughter?”

“There were some events that changed that in a manner of speaking,” Jack sighed, knowing he had to give some explanation, and told the story involving the Doctor almost regenerating, showing up to Donna’s second wedding, pulling her away and the regeneration energy healing them both.  He went on with a brief description of Belle and her adoption.

“So Donna’s got Time Lord DNA mixed in now.  And she’s a mum.  Brilliant.”

“That’s what the Doctor says,” Jack waved his hands.  “Look we can discuss this and you talking to them in depth later, but for now they’re incommunicado so I don’t know what to say besides you’ll have to wait.  I don’t even know where they are.”

“I’ll wait,” Lex nodded.  “I’ve waited this long, I can wait longer. Not like I have a choice apparently.”

“We did have some infant formula, it’s not much.  If you need more, we’ll have to take a trip to a store,” Ianto interrupted with tea, and sandwiches for the adults, and an infant bottle with formula for Susie.  Lex took the bottle, intent on feeding his daughter before himself.  When everyone had eaten and Susie had been burped and was asleep, Jack waved his hand at Lex.  “Well?” he asked.

“No time like the present I guess,” Lex muttered repeating Jack’s earlier words.  He shifted Susie to a position more conducive for sleep and began to talk.

18 months earlier (approximate linear time in Pete’s world)

            The Duplicate Doctor watched as the TARDIS disappeared, Rose crying just in front of him.  He felt anger build in him at the Doctor for leaving him here, on this beach, in this other world with this blonde Barbie (the influence of Donna was appropriate here, he felt), who singlehandedly, yes singlehandedly, there was no where else he’d place the blame, ripped apart the fabric of space and time, bringing about the events that resulted in his creation, and the demise of Donna.  The Doctor had said he’d committed genocide.  Well, what exactly would have happened if he’d done nothing?  This was the argument he had.  Didn’t change the outcome though.  He was still left here.  On this stupid beach. 


            He turned away when Jackie called for them as Pete was on his way.  He followed after her, trying desperately to ignore the sniveling whine coming from Rose. 

            When they arrived at the zeppelin Pete had sent, the Duplicate Doctor made up his mind.  As soon as he could find a safe way that wouldn’t damage the walls between universes, he was leaving.  He was going to go back.  He was going to find his brother.  And he was going to have words.


            The first two months he was there, he’d gotten himself a job in the archives at Pete’s Torchwood, by ingratiating himself to the man and Jackie.  He’d started that by asking Jackie to name him.  He’d decided his surname would be Noble (something that made Rose roll her eyes and call him stupid) but he honestly couldn’t come up with a first name.  What better way to start working his way into the Tyler’s sans Rose good graces, than to have them suggest a name?  Jackie had suggested Alexander as it had been her first choice for Anthony, but Pete hadn’t liked it for a son of his.   He’d taken it with a smile.

            Alexander had immediately been shortened to Alex when Tony (whom Alexander adored from the moment he met the small boy) couldn’t pronounce it.  Alex didn’t last long either as Tony just started calling him Lex.  So Lex it became, vehemently so when Rose pointed out that was the name of Superman’s enemy.  Anything to piss her off in Lex’s opinion was good. 

            Getting his final papers together, he became Alexander Wilfred Noble, scientist and alien tech expert.  Thus his employment by Pete’s Torchwood in the archives.  He worked quietly and thoroughly, pleasing Pete and ensuring his sole placement.  He achieved his first goal towards being able to go back to the other universe. 

            As he sorted through the alien artifacts in the archives, he set aside the few he thought or knew would work with the secret piece of alien tech he’d hidden from everyone, never letting it be apart from him, except for setting it outside the shower hidden still, but not getting wet.  This was the piece of TARDIS the Doctor had given him on the beach, when he erroneously believed Lex and Rose would grow the piece into a TARDIS and travel the stars once again.  Lex had growled in anger at that thought while he worked. 

            He had made some progress, building a vortex manipulator, and would be testing it soon.  He’d add the piece of TARDIS only at the end to the finished product.  This would be how he’d cross the universe without ripping the walls.  This small piece of Gallifreyan time ship would be able to detect the smallest of breaches still open, and slip him through causing no damage. 


            Six weeks into this project, and he had tested the manipulator with success if he ignored the loud bang it made and the smoky vapor it produced.   All byproducts of the bits and bobs he’d used. He was going to start the calculations to add the TARDIS piece and start scanning, but Jackie had called saying Pete was having a Vitex shareholders meeting at the house (really just a euphemism for a party) and he wanted Lex there.  Rose would be there as well, but Jackie assured him they didn’t have to associate at the gathering beyond polite greetings.  Lex had sighed, but agreed.  After all, he still had work to do, and he needed to remain in the Tyler’s good graces. 

            He’d gone to the party.  He’d given the obligatory greetings.  He’d gone upstairs to see Tony, and had read the boy a story, as he hadn’t quite finished readying himself for bed.  Leaving Tony’s room, he’d scowled as he saw Rose approach.  She had two drinks in her hand, and offered him one.  He refused and gone back downstairs determined to not speak with Rose again.  She countered that by going right up to him and loudly offering him the drink again.  Seeing that he was being observed by various guests, and not wanting to possibly offend Pete or Jackie, even though they knew his and Rose’s animosity towards each other, he took the drink with a smile that only Rose, Pete and Jackie knew was very fake. 

            The next thing he remembered was waking up in a bed, with Rose, naked.  He was horrified, and he stumbled out of the bed, trying to get away from Rose, and this house.  His plan was thwarted when he heard Rose holler that she’d been raped.  She screamed and yelled bringing Pete, Jackie and the rest of the household.  He was stopped from leaving, Pete thundering accusations at him.

            He listened with anger as Rose cried rape, and Pete questioned him.  He tried to defend himself but suddenly found himself extremely dizzy, his head with a sharp pain in it, moisture beneath his nose, and the last thing he heard was Jackie calling his name with alarm, and the last thing he saw was Rose looking at him with what he could only call a victorious smirk, even as she wept her tears for “rape”.

            He’d woken up in a bedroom that was unfamiliar to him.  His head had an ache that seemed to knock around his skull.  He lifted his hand and was disturbed by it’s tremble.  Suddenly he grabbed for the piece of TARDIS he always kept with him and when he couldn’t find it, he panicked.  He didn’t hear the door open, or Jackie call his name again, until her hands were placed on his shoulders.  She handed him the TARDIS piece telling him that she knew it was something important to him and had held onto it for him.  He would not tell her the actual significance of the piece to her.  He couldn’t and wouldn’t tell anyone. 

            When he asked what happened, and where he was, he was surprised to learn he was in one of the many guest rooms in the Tyler mansion.  Jackie further explained that Rose had admitted to slipping Lex something like a date rape drug with the intention to get rid of him via a rape charge.  What she didn’t take into account was that Lex wasn’t fully human.  He was part Time Lord.  And thus she’d almost killed him.  It had ruptured some vessels around his brain.  Only quick thinking by Torchwood doctors had saved him. 


            He laid back on the bed, now thinking about what Jackie had told him.  His eyes slid shut, but then snapped open as he reached out for Jackie’s hand asking her where Rose was.  Jackie told him Rose was there in the mansion, but in her room with a Torchwood security officer outside her door not allowing her to leave.  Pete was leaving it up to Lex to decide what her punishment should be.  He asked for time to think about it, and after granting him that, Jackie left.  Lex, exhausted still, drifted off into a restless sleep. 

            A week later, he left the mansion for his own flat.  He had decided not to press charges against Rose as this would involve lengthy legal proceedings that frankly he didn’t want to deal with.  After all, why should he?  He was leaving this universe anyhow.  All he asked was that Rose be kept away from him, and to not expect him at Vitex functions that she was attending.  Rose, realizing how lucky she was that he wasn’t doing anything more than demanding she stay away from him, was quick to agree.  Pete wasn’t so “generous”, firing her from Torchwood immediately.  Her new job consisted of working solo in part of the accounting section of Vitex.   


            It took another seven weeks for him to get back to normal and be able to test the vortex manipulator again.  Finally he was able to use the TARDIS piece to detect any open breaches.  He had narrowed it down to two breaches, one of which looked to be quite stable.  But then, he received news that halted his plans right where they were.

            Rose had been sick off and on for about two weeks now, according to Pete.  Jackie finally insisted she go be seen.  In hindsight, Lex should have figured it out based on the timing factor.  He’d dropped to the floor when he was told Rose was pregnant, and the special tests that Torchwood were able to do had detected non human DNA.  The baby was most definitely Lex’s.   When Lex had been told Rose wanted to terminate the pregnancy, he wasn’t sure how to feel at first.  Did he want a child whose mother conceived it by rape?  Did he want a child at all?  But the Donna in him said that a child was a child no matter how the conception, and if Rose didn’t want it, he should raise it. 

            His decision made, he told Pete to try anything to get Rose not to terminate.  He wasn’t surprised when Jackie later told him that only Pete’s offer of setting Rose up financially for life convinced her to carry the baby to term.  He immediately got started adjusting the vortex manipulator to transport not only him, but an infant as well.  He still had no intention of staying in Pete’s World, and he would not leave his child behind.  He felt bad that he would be taking Pete and Jackie’s grandchild from them, but it was for the best in his opinion.

            The next seven months went by extremely slowly, Rose taking full advantage of her condition to have most at her beck and call.  Lex of course refused, but Pete did send him every picture of the ultrasound scans that Rose had.   When it was determined that the baby was a girl, he told Jackie and Pete he had a name picked out.  He would name her Donna Sue.  Donna for the baby’s aunt, and Sue for Susan, the Doctor’s granddaughter.  He felt Susan was also his granddaughter but not quite.  He wasn’t sure exactly what the relationship was there.  One of the things he’d have to figure out when this was all over he supposed. 

            When Rose went into labor and delivered Donna Sue, Lex came up to the hospital (Torchwood of course, as there was alien DNA involved), going straight for the nursery as Rose didn’t want to see or hold the baby.  Jackie and Pete found him sitting next to Donna Sue’s isolette in a chair holding the baby, and softly talking to her.  Jackie took several pictures, Lex decided he’d leave those for his daughter’s grandparents after they left.  They had Tony with them and there were a couple pictures of the boy holding the baby with Jackie’s help.  He looked at Tony realizing how much he was going to miss him.  He wasn’t going to change his mind however, he still was going to leave.

            When Susie (Lex had shortened her name) was released, Lex took her to his flat, with the promise that Jackie, Pete and Tony would get to see her again soon.  They did, coming over once a week for her first six weeks.  He refused to take Susie to the mansion where Rose still lived.


            When Susie was just past six weeks old, Lex decided it was time.  There were no further improvements to the manipulator that could be made, there was a stable breach between universes that he felt would be the best to use, and he felt Susie was old enough and strong enough with the Gallifreyan DNA she had to make the trip with minimal difficulty.  Deciding to leave first thing in the morning, he called into Torchwood saying Susie wasn’t feeling well.  He begged off help from Jackie saying it was just an ear infection, and he could handle it.  Ending the call, he packed a small bag of some clothes for him and Susie, her blanket, diapers, and the teddy bear Pete had bought her when she’d been born. 


            When that was done, Lex typed up a note to Pete, Jackie, and Tony explaining where he and Susie had gone and why.  He could feel some guilt at just leaving like this, but he knew if they knew, they’d fight for him to stay.  Or they’d ask for Susie to stay.  And neither of those were options.  He left the note on the dining room table knowing that either Pete or Jackie would check on him if they didn’t hear from him.  He put on a jacket, picked up the bag, putting the strap across his shoulder, then wrapped the sleeping Susie tight in another blanket. 

            He had modeled the manipulator similar to Captain Jack Harkness’s in that it could be worn on the wrist.  He put it on, adjusted Susie, and pressed the buttons.  Distantly he heard the regular bang, and felt the dizzying sensation of moving rapidly while remaining stationary.  There was another bang, and the smoky vapor appeared, as he felt hard ground under his feet, and hunched over to stop from falling forward face first.  He checked Susie, and seeing she was alright and still asleep, he straightened and look around to see where they’d landed.  Imagine Lex’s surprise upon finding himself in the hub of Torchwood Three.

Present (approximate linear time in the original universe)

“And the rest you know,” Lex said, shifting Susie as she grizzled a little.  He unwrapped her, checked her and made a face.  “You filled your shorts, there didn’t you, my girl?” he said to the now squirmy infant.  As Jack, Ianto and Gwen sat and stared at him, digesting his story, Lex swiftly changed his daughter, making her coo as he blew raspberries on her belly.  Once Susie was clean, and re-dressed, he picked her up, disposed of the dirty diaper and faced the Torchwood staff.  “Now.  How long do I have to wait for you to tell me where my brother is?” 

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