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TARDIS Thoughts {A Belle Series Extra}

I'm still on hiatus, as no new plots have come up.  This was just a little idea as I really want to write.  

I'm not sure how the TARDIS actually thinks, it's pretty open to interpretation.  But this just seemed to work for me.  I don't see her using given names like Donna or Doctor, but rather words to sort of describe the person.  This view was reinforced for me after watching "The Doctor's Wife" where Idris as the TARDIS referred to Rory as The Pretty One.  I think the names I had her use describe the characters enough that you should know who is being referred to.  

I've also changed a bit in The End of Time.  I don't own it.  

It's meant to be a bit Ten/Donna.  That might not be seen really well though.  >_> 

Also, this isn't all that Rose friendly.  

As always, I don't own Ten, Donna, the TARDIS, or Doctor Who.  The BBC does.  Please read and enjoy...

She’s older than her Thief by a few centuries.  He’s not her first pilot, though she’s certain he’ll be her last.  She’s watched over him and the collection of companions he’s amassed since they started traveling together.  But in the end, it always comes back to just her and him.  TARDIS and Thief.  The companions come and they go, whether by choice or not.  She’s always there to try to soothe Thief (he has a name, but to her he’s Thief) when they’ve gone. 

            But this time it’s different.  Thief has had ten faces in total, he’s changed nine times since he found her decommissioned and stole her (point of fact though, she stole him) and the companions this tenth face has collected are among her favorite.  There’s Immortal Man who flirts with her and makes her feel young again.  There’s Dark Lady Physician who cared deeply for Thief, though she was a bit slighted by Thief’s lingering feelings for Loud Yellow Hair who is the only one of Thief’s tenth face companions that she is annoyed by.  For a short time, there was The Man Thief Called Idiot who was Loud Yellow Hair’s love mate but then stayed in a parallel universe only to return when Loud Yellow Hair tried to rip apart the multiverse.  Her gears grind at that memory.

            There’s another, who she cares for deeply, Story Teller, who travelled with Thief when he had his third face, and fourth.  She found him quite by accident in a school with Loud Yellow Hair, and The Man Thief Called Idiot.  Story Teller also returned to with Immortal Man, Loud Yellow Hair’s Mother, The Man Thief Called Idiot, and Dark Lady Physician when the stars went out, and the Exterminators came back.  Again, the TARDIS’ gears grind, as Loud Yellow Hair helped that event along. 


            There is one companion though that travelled with Thief in his tenth face that she loves dearly.  Oh, when this companion first showed up in her control room, decked out in a wedding gown and spitting mad, she thought she was a bit of a nutter.  But by the end of it all, she’d christened her Kind Ginger Lady.  Kind Ginger Lady had stopped Thief from letting himself drown under the Thames and she’d hoped that the woman would accept his offer to travel with him.  She declined however.  She was saddened by this, but then Dark Lady Physician came along, so it wasn’t so bad.  Until the Year That Never Was happened, and The Friend Who Became An Enemy tore her apart to make a paradox.   When that was over, and Dark Lady Physician, and Immortal Man left, she and Thief felt lonely and slightly bereft.

            And then, Kind Ginger Lady returned.  Oh, the TARDIS spun in happy circles in the Vortex once she was on board.  She didn’t care about the numerous boxes and suitcases the woman had with her, she just cared that someone who truly could take care of Thief was there.  Through all their adventures, with the Ood, in Pompeii, the Sontarans and Jenny, to the Library, and Midnight, Kind Ginger Lady took care of Thief, and she allowed Thief to take care of her.  The TARDIS couldn’t have been happier.  It seemed Thief had found the perfect companion. 

            But then Loud Yellow Hair who had been launching herself throughout the multiverses with this thing called a Dimension Cannon to try to get back to Thief came back, first in an alternate universe where she ripped open that universe’s TARDIS, killing her and killing that universe’s Kind Ginger Lady. Loud Yellow Hair had ripped into the TARDIS before but, it hadn’t killed her, it had hurt and resulted in the need for Thief to give up his ninth face.  It had also made Immortal Man immortal, sentencing him to a never ending life of watching those he cared about wither and die, himself never able to die. 

            If the facts that the alternate universe versions of the TARDIS and Kind Ginger Lady being killed weren’t bad enough, Loud Yellow Hair’s actions with this cannon had ripped open parts of the Time Lock resulting in Exterminators coming back and two of them (Dalek Caan, and Davros specifically) to make the stars go out, capture 27 planets out of time to make an engine of sorts, and ultimately to create a Reality Bomb that would destroy everything.  Thief, with the help of Kind Ginger Lady and Duplicate Of Thief had stopped that, and sent 26 planets home, then towed the Earth home.  But because of the creation of Duplicate Of Thief, and an energy burst from Davros, Kind Ginger Lady’s mind was burning, and Thief had to wipe her mind and send her back to her home after everyone else was sent home. 

            For this, the TARDIS placed the blame squarely on the shoulders of Loud Yellow Hair, and her obsession to return to Thief, no matter what the cost.  And the cost was enormous.


            Oh, how the TARDIS and Thief felt that pain and loss.  Thief did things he shouldn’t have, and had Kind Ginger Lady been there to stop him, he might not have.  He kept away from the companions, finally only returning to Earth to see Grandfather Of Kind Ginger Lady.  The Ood had told him as had someone else that his song was ending, that he would die soon. 

            The Friend Who Became An Enemy returned, and somehow Home Gallifrey did as well.  The Friend Who Became An Enemy and Thief sent back Home Gallifrey.  Grandfather Of Kind Ginger Lady helped Thief, and he almost had to give up his tenth face to save Grandfather Of Kind Ginger Lady, but the TARDIS stepped in.  She wasn’t ready for Thief to change his face again.  It wouldn’t be good for her, and it wouldn’t be good for Thief.  But his emotions were so strong at this point that he did start to change.  She brought Thief to Kind Ginger Lady’s wedding, and she waited somewhat patiently while Thief went inside the church.  She kept her song playing in his head, and when he came out shining with light, holding the hand of Kind Ginger Lady who was also shining, her song grew in volume and the two burst into full light.  Both were restored, and much to her delight, she sensed that Kind Ginger Lady was more Thief’s species than her own, and thus would have a longer life span.  Thief would not be alone again.



            The TARDIS looked back on all this, and she looked to the present.  Thief and Kind Ginger Lady had been on the way to love mates, though she had had to help the process along at the wedding of Dark Lady Physician and The Man Thief Called Idiot.  She gave a self satisfied hum at the memory of locking them inside her until they worked things out.  She hoped that like Dark Lady Physician and The Man Thief Called Idiot, Thief and Kind Ginger Lady would join in a pair bond. 

            Right now though, all focus was on Gentle Child and her healing.  Once that was complete, and Gentle Child was up and about, healthy and happy again, the TARDIS could see what she could do. 

            Though Thief and Kind Ginger Lady were currently in the garden, taking a walk.  Gentle Child was asleep, Grandfather Of Kind Ginger Lady was also napping, and Mother Of Kind Ginger Lady was straightening up the kitchen.  The objects of her thoughts were alone and not likely to be disturbed anytime soon. Perhaps a little rain, and the appearance of a small shelter with blankets, and tea might be in order.  The TARDIS hummed and put her plan in motion…

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