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To See the Light

This is a oneshot that goes back to when Belle first came to live with Ten and Donna.  It establishes what happened when she got the sensory web.  It kind of sets up for the next oneshot that will be taking place after Martha and Mickey's wedding.  Basically it's like background info. 

When deciding on a planet/society where Ten, Donna and the Doctor had this done, I looked up some names in an astronomy book of my father's.  I chose two star names: Praxis and Eridani.  I don't own them.  The society I based on two things.  First, from the Earth's Children's series by Jean M. Auel specifically the second book, The Valley of Horses, there is a group of people called the Sharamudoi who are made up of two groups that live symbiotically with one another.  The Shamudoi who live on the land, and the Ramudoi who live on the banks of the Great Mother River. Second, concerning where the settlements are, if you've seen Star Wars (or the prequels specifically) you'll know about the Gungans and the Naboo.  The Gungans lived in underwater settlements and the Naboo on land.  They didn't have much contact, but it was where their settlements were located that interested me.  I don't own either of these.  I have copies of the Earth's Children's series, and all six Star Wars on DVD, but that is the extent of it.

This is also entirely in Donna's POV, and there is no dialogue.

A question I have for all of you though is, how many oneshots of this series would you be interested in?  As many as I can write? Or should I end them soon, if you'd like to see something else?  I know in the other fandoms I wrote in (Jonas mainly) my readers wanted change frequently.  As stated above, I do have one more planned, but please let me know if this series is something you all would like to see continue for a while.  

As always, I don't own Ten, Donna, or Doctor Who.  The BBC does.  Please read and enjoy...

 Donna stood at the window of the hospital room watching the traffic below on the road near the cliff side.  They had been in this hospital here on Praxis Eridani for two days now waiting for Belle to recover from the surgery that placed an implant in her brain that would receive images of sorts via a web of sensors that looked for all the world like a glittery vest.  The Doctor was with officials from both the Praxi and the Eridan working on setting up repairs for the damaged settlements from the earlier attack from a rather hostile species who wanted raw materials from Praxis Eridani’s oceans and who tried to take them by force.

            They had come to Praxis Eridani to see how two seemingly separate societies coexisted so closely, almost symbiotically.  Praxis Eridani was a planet with no continents, only large islands and lots of ocean.  The Praxi were land dwellers, while the Eridan lived beneath the sea.  Each living independently, yet there were needs on both sides that required the other’s help.  For every Praxi land settlement, there was an equal and corresponding Eridan settlement offshore, deep below the sea.  Donna had thought as the Doctor told her about these two societies, that the Eridan would be fish like, with gills and such.  She was surprised to see that they resembled the Praxi in almost everything but their skin.  Living in cities far under the surface of the oceans, their skin color had paled. 

Both societies were highly technologically advanced, each specializing in a particular field.  And both societies relied heavily on trade between them.  Because of the depth of the Eridan settlements, they were quite dark, and while over the generations, the Eridan had adapted, it still made it awkward for a Praxi to visit as their sight was still quite light dependent.  And what good was a Praxi Trade Master if he or she couldn’t see well enough to navigate an Eridan settlement properly?  The Eridan merely wore special polarized glasses when their Trade Masters came to the Praxi settlements. To that end, both societies worked together to create a way to enhance the vision of a Praxi when they came to the deep sea settlements.  They came up with the sensory webs. 

            These webs were made of tiny sensors set in geometric patterns attached by filaments similar to Earth’s 21st century fiber optic strands, though these were much stronger.  The sensors were only on the front of these webs, and they sent information to an implant surgically placed into the visual cortex part of the brain, which translated them into outlines and shimmers based on the amount of heat an object or person was giving off.   They were never intended for use for a fully blind person as there hadn’t been a blind Praxi or Eridan in generations.  They were intended to enhance the vision of a Praxi Trade Master when they were in the Eridan settlements.

            When the Doctor and Donna had arrived in what was presumably the capital settlement, expecting a peaceful society, they’d been surprised.  No one was around.  Then they’d been yanked into a large building by a couple of heavily armed Praxi males and were interrogated by another couple Praxi.  They’d established that they weren’t part of the attacking species, the Doctor identified the attacking species, and spoke with them. 

            Donna wasn’t sure how, as her attention was solely on Belle and her safety, but the Doctor’s talk with the attacking species resulted in them leaving quickly.  When she asked, he merely said they didn’t care to deal with the last of the Time Lords.  Or the Shadow Proclamation.    


            At the moment, none of that mattered to Donna, as her main concern lay sleeping in the bed behind her, recovering from the surgery she’d had to have an implant put in her brain to help her see.  The surgery had taken place the day before, as a show of gratitude for helping the Praxi and the Eridan with the hostile species.  They’d noticed Belle’s apparent blindness and they offered.  Donna was pretty sure that the head surgeon was using this as an opportunity to see how the webs would work in species other than Praxi or Eridan though. That irked her a little, but if it would allow Belle to see in some way, without causing undo harm, then she’d allow it.  

            She was brought out of her thoughts by a hand on her shoulder, and a kiss to the top of her head alerting her to the Doctor’s presence.  She returned his affection with a hug, and saw that he wasn’t alone.  The Praxi surgeon who’d performed Belle’s surgery, as well as a couple nurses, and two Praxi she assumed were orderlies of sorts came in.  The orderlies were pushing a large monitor.  She thought it looked like the widescreen plasma televisions found on Earth in her time.  It was set up near the window, facing them, and a nurse held up a sensory web in her hands.  The surgeon produced a small box and told them it had one of the implants in it, and the implant was connected to the web and to the monitor.  They were going to give Donna and the Doctor a demonstration of the images that Belle would “see”. 

            They waited a few moments, while the monitor was powered on, and the surgeon placed the box next to the web.  The web was turned so the sensors faced the Doctor and Donna.  Silvery outlines showed up on the monitor, and slowly filled in with light that shimmered in grayscale in accordance with the heat level produced.  Donna lifted her arm, and the shimmer she identified as hers moved in tandem.  The Doctor moved about as well grinning at his shimmer.  Donna noted that her shimmer was considerably lighter than the Doctor’s and she correctly assumed it was because of their different body temperatures.  Other objects she saw showed up based on the amount of heat they held.  The table near the bed that had the sunlight on it was brighter than the chair that was nearer the wall. 

            They spent a good half hour “looking” at things, and seeing how Belle would possibly see them.  Depending on when she woke up, she would be fitted with a sensory web today, and they would be on their way by this planet’s nightfall. 

            Just when that would be, was answered by the sound of rustling bedclothes.  Donna went to Belle’s side as she woke up, and spelling slowly, asked how she was feeling.  When Belle told her she was felling fine, Donna told her that they had a web ready for her to try.  Eager to try this technology and to perhaps be able to see things somewhat, Belle sat up quickly with Donna’s assistance.  The Doctor touched her shoulder, and kissed her forehead letting her know he was there as well. 

            The surgeon moved in, and checked the fading red line on Belle’s head where the incision to insert the implant had been made.  He also checked her vitals, looking her over to assess her general health.   Speaking slowly, so Donna could spell into Belle’s hand what was being said, he declared her fit, and ready to try the web.  He, the nurses, and the orderlies left the room to preserve Belle’s modesty as she changed from the hospital clothes to clothes Donna had brought from the TARDIS. 

            When she was dressed, the staff came back in, and while Donna continued to spell into Belle’s palm, they instructed the Doctor, Donna and Belle on how to use the web.  He explained that initially there would be some pain in the form of a mild headache for the first while until Belle’s brain adjusted to the implant and the flow of information coming from the web.  They were made to understand that these webs were designed to enhance the vision of the Praxi who had sight.  It had never been tried on a fully blind Praxi, never mind another species like Belle. 

            Donna stood next to Belle, holding her hand, while the Doctor stood behind her, his hands on her shoulders.  Donna was given the web to put on Belle, and they were shown the tiny switch that when pressed would activate the implant in her brain to connect solely to this web.  The implant in the box was removed from the room, the switch on the web pressed, the web slid over Belle’s head much like a shirt would be put on and Belle jerked, jumping backwards.  Her hands flew out reaching towards the images being flooded to her brain instantaneously.  Donna grasped Belle’s hand that had slipped out of hers in reaction, and turned the girl towards her.  She put Belle’s hand on her shoulder, and spelled her name into her palm much as she did when they first encountered Belle.  She did the same with the Doctor, and both of them grinned hugely when Belle touched them, and spelled their names into their palms.

            Donna watched as Belle was led across the room, by the Doctor, and told to try to walk to where Donna stood.  Belle did so, with some difficulty as she had to try to navigate around objects that showed up as dull to bright shimmers, getting to the shimmer she identified as Donna and wrapping the woman in a big hug.  Donna released her, turned her, and sent her back across to the Doctor, who grinned and shouted “Ha!” when he received his hug. 

            This continued for a while longer, then the surgeon checked Belle over again, declared her still fit, and said she was officially discharged.  There were more hugs, and thanks given to the medical staff, instructions on the web and it’s storage when not in use, to come back immediately if there were any problems, and then they were on their way.  As they made their way to the TARDIS, Donna watched as Belle rotated her upper body to try and “see” where they were going.  Both Donna and the Doctor  had hold of her hands to keep her with them, but they let them go when they approached the TARDIS. 

            Belle reached out and took the final few steps to the timeship alone, and ran her hands over the outside of it, before letting the Doctor open the door.  Standing in the middle of the console room, Belle spun, her face lighting up at what she “saw”.  Donna watched as she took tentative steps towards one of the columns, hugging it when she reached it. 

            Both the Doctor and Donna watched as Belle slowly traced letters on the column.  Hello Miss Tardis.  I can see you now.

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