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Weddings and Gold Light

This was originally just going to be a ficlet, but it got too long for that.'s a fic.  It just came to me while I was cleaning, and so I sat down and wrote it.  It's probably not my best, but's okay.  

I stated earlier that I wasn't addressing any fix-it for Donna or Ten, but it cropped up in this.  It's a very basic explanation (or not one at all really), so hopefully it's alright with everyone.  Also, I thought I'd use Martha and Mickey getting married for this.  

I realize that the TARDIS is referred to as the TARDIS in all capital letters, but in Belle's mind, TARDIS is a name, so she refers to her as Miss Tardis.  Most of this is from Belle's point of view.  Also the way I show Belle pronouncing Gallifrey, and Chiswick are just how I imagine her saying them.  It just seemed right.  

I think that is all.  As always, I don't own Ten, Donna, or Doctor Who.  The BBC does.  Please read and enjoy...

Belle sat on her bed, several books about Earth culture open, the music of Mozart playing through the iPod and speakers Mr. Wilf and Miss Sylvia had gotten for her.  Ever since that afternoon where she’d danced with Mr. Wilf and Miss Sylvia had brought up weddings, she’d been curious.  Especially since neither Mr. Doctor nor Miss Donna had seemed to like the idea.  When she’d eavesdropped on a conversation between the four adults, she’d only gotten more confused. 

            Sighing, she decided she would talk to Mr. Doctor while Miss Donna was out helping a friend plan their wedding.  Getting off her bed, she patted the wall behind it.  “Miss Tardis, tell me where is Mr. Doctor?” The TARDIS hummed and blew warm air over Belle, and continued to do so as she progressed down the corridor to the console room where the Doctor was doing some repair work.  She climbed onto the jump seat and waited.  She could only “see” half his shimmer, meaning once again, he was halfway under the main console tinkering.  He wouldn’t hear her if she spoke now. 

            She was rewarded half an hour later, when he popped up.  “Belle!  Hello.  Didn’t see you come in,” he grinned. 

“You were under there.  You see nothing when under there.”

“So.  I think I’ve fixed all I need to.  Donna should be back in a couple of hours. What shall we do until then?”

“Tea?  I like tea.”

“Tea it is,” the Doctor took Belle’s hand and tucked her arm in his as they made their way to the kitchen.  Belle sat in her usual chair while the Doctor bustled about getting the tea together.  Once they each had a mug in front of them, and cookies on a plate in between them, Belle decided now was the time.  “What is a wedding?  I want to know.”

            The Doctor stared for a moment, before launching into a detailed description of Earth weddings and their purpose.  He figured it just had to do with Sylvia talking about weddings, and Donna helping Martha plan hers to Mickey. 

“Did you have weddings on Gall-i-frey?”

“Yes.  But they were different.  They were more mental with bonding of the minds.”

“Like pictures you have in head that you show me sometimes?”

“Something like that, but more intense.  Stronger than just sharing pictures and words.”

“You have wedding when you live on Gall-i-frey?”

“I did.”

“Where is she now?”

“She…went away,” the Doctor didn’t really want to discuss this part.

“Went away like we go away from Chis-wick?  Or went away like my Mama went away. She died.”

“Like your Mama.”

“Oh,” Belle sensed he didn’t want to talk about that much more.  She thought about the Doctor and Donna’s reaction to weddings and tugged on his sleeve.  “Why you and Miss Donna not like weddings?  When Miss Sylvia say dance would be good for wedding, you and Miss Donna say no.”

“Well...,” he didn’t know what to say.   “I’m actually rubbish at weddings, and Donna hasn’t had much luck with them either.”

“Is it because of her getting gold light?”

            The Doctor turned sharply towards Belle with a shocked look on his face and was glad at that moment that she couldn’t truly see his face.  “What do you mean getting gold light?” he asked nervously.

“I hear you when you talk to Miss Sylvia, Mr. Wilf and Miss Donna.  Miss Donna had one wedding but she got gold light and it took her away.  Then later, she got gold light again, and had to forget you, and Miss Tardis.  Then you got gold light with her when she had another wedding.  Mr. Wilf said after the gold light went away, you were all better, all fine, no change.  And Miss Donna remembered.  Is gold light why you not like weddings?”

            Now the Doctor was stumped.  How to explain all that.  Huon particles, metacrisis, and regeneration.  He was so deep in thought, that he jumped when his sleeve was pulled again.  “Belle.  It’s hard to explain if you can’t actually see it,” he rushed on when her face fell.  “But perhaps I can show you.  Would you like to try that?”

“Yes, please,” Belle said, moving to a chair closer to him.  She felt him put his fingers on her temples, and in a few seconds, she started to see faint images.  Miss Donna in a white dress walking next to another man before disappearing into a cloud of gold light, then appearing in the console room of Miss Tardis.   Then they were in a dark hallway and then in a large room with bubbling jugs.  There was a man in a nice suit, but he turned out to be bad, working alongside what Mr. Doctor’s mind told her was a Racnoss.  The gold light came out of her and this bad man.  

Then there were lots of people in the console room, then just Miss Donna, and a bubbling jar.  Belle gasped as Miss Donna touched the jar and another Mr. Doctor appeared.  Then they were outside Miss Tardis, with oddly shaped things that shouted while the two Mr. Doctors and Miss Donna pressed buttons and moved around some device.  Then they were all back in Miss Tardis, some people left, then they were on a beach, where more people were dropped off including the other Mr. Doctor. 

When it was back to just Mr. Doctor, and Miss Donna in Miss Tardis, Miss Donna started to get sick.  Repeating the same words over and over.  Belle felt sad when Mr. Doctor touched Miss Donna where he was touching her now, and made her forget.  She watched as Mr. Doctor explained to Mr. Wilf, and Miss Sylvia that Miss Donna could never remember.  It was raining when he left, and she gave a whimper herself, at the sound of Miss Tardis’s mournful hum at the loss off Miss Donna.

Mr. Doctor had come back to Chiswick, on the day of Miss Donna’s wedding, feeling that he was needed there for some reason.  He’d done some things he wasn’t proud of, after losing Miss Donna, and the Ood prophesy had been weighing on him heavily.  Belle watched as he entered the church, saw the shocked faces of Mr. Wilf, and Miss Sylvia, which only grew more shocked as Miss Donna, up at the front with her intended began to glow gold.  Mr. Doctor also began to glow, and he ran forward, grabbing Miss Donna.  They left the church, at a dead run making it to the side yard before both stopped and virtually exploded with the gold light. 

When the light had dimmed and vanished, they slumped to the ground.  Mr. Doctor ended the connection there, choosing instead to explain verbally what had happened.  Or rather what hadn’t happened.  The metacrisis, hidden in her mind, had begun to re-emerge, and  overwhelm Miss Donna, Miss Tardis had somehow kept a link to her to monitor her in case they ever found a way to circumvent it, and Mr. Doctor had begun to regenerate due to severe emotional duress.   Miss Tardis had brought him to Miss Donna, hoping that together the combined energies would save them both.  It had.  The end result being that Mr. Doctor retained the same body, and Miss Donna wasn’t entirely human anymore. 

Belle was a little more confused about all that after he got done talking, but she thought it did answer her original question.  She probably wouldn’t like weddings all that much either if every time she had one, gold light showed up and changed everything.  Sensing that he didn’t want to talk about what happened anymore, she got up, and tugged on the Doctor’s hand. Standing, he asked where she wanted to go, and he grinned when she said the library, because she was curious, and would like to know more about the Ood.

Three hours later, when Donna came home, she was not surprised to find the Doctor and Belle in the library, the TARDIS supplying them with the song of the Ood, while they pored over books.  They both looked up at her, asking her about her day.  She was puzzled though by their faces at the end, when she’d told them that Martha had wanted her and Belle in her wedding party.  They looked less than interested.  When she asked why, she spent the next several minutes explaining mostly to Belle, that it was highly unlikely that anyone would be disappearing or just glowing with gold light.

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