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My Pet Hand

So this came from the pic of Ten and his hand that tkel_paris posted on Facebook. The pic of Jack and the hand was in the comment section for that post.  It's just a drabble thing, and I hope you like it.  Pics below the cut.

Pre-JE, but established Ten/Donna.  Hope it amuses folks a little.  I tried for humor.

As always,  I don't own Ten, Donna, or Doctor Who.  The BBC does.  Please read and enjoy...

He stroked the glass jar, cooing to the hand inside, watching as the hand appeared to get more and more excited.  So engrossed was he, that he didn’t hear the approaching footsteps. 

“What are you doing?” the Doctor’s head slammed up against the bottom of the console at the sound of Donna’s voice. 

“Nothing!” he yelped as he gripped the back of his head, rubbing where it had banged into the console.  “Nothing at all.  Just a bit of…maintenance.”

“Really?” Donna stepped back as the Doctor stood.  “Because it looked to me like you were talking to something.” She moved forward, trying to see what he’d been talking to, though she used “talking” loosely.  It was more like the way someone would talk to their pet.  She saw the jar, and knelt next to it.  Through the glass she saw… “A hand?  You have a hand in a jar?” she crawled backwards.  “Why do you have a hand in a jar?  Who’s hand is it?  And why are you talking to it like it’s a pet or something?”  She gave a sort of disgusted shudder.

“Yes.  Yes I do have a hand in a jar.  It’s my hand.  I like my hand.”

“Your hand?  But you have both your hands.”

“Yes, well, that one got cut off in a sword fight and I grew another one.”

“You…grew another one.  How…?”

“I was still inside the regeneration cycle.  Had enough energy to regrow my hand.  That one fell into London, was found by Jack, who used it to find me, and I think may have licked it.  I took it back after the Year that Never Was,” he knelt back down by the jar, and stroked it.  “I think Jack may have had some…special time with it, from what the hand says.”

“You talk to your amputated hand.”

“Of course not.  Hands can’t talk.  But this is a Time Lord hand.  It has Time Lord energy in it.  It can give another Time Lord sensory impressions.  And it gave me the impression that it and Jack had been…well…”

“Ugh!,” Donna pulled a face.  “I don’t want to know.  Just tell me you haven’t gotten…um…you know, with it.”

“No.  Why would I?  Although it would take self pleasure to new meaning,” the Doctor got a faraway look on his face.  The smack to his arm drew his attention back to his companion.  “Um…not that I would need to do that.  I mean…not when I’ve got you,” he grinned and took her hand.  “In fact, I don’t need anything else at all, if I have you.  He pulled her forward, and kissed her, inwardly beaming as she melted into the kiss. 

           Donna pulled back, after a bit, and patted his chest.  “All the same, I would appreciate it if the hand was…maybe kept where I can’t see it,” she grimaced at the bubbling jar and the glowing hand.

           The Doctor gently toed the jar a bit further under the console, took Donna’s hand in his and led her from the console room.
Tags: donna noble, ficlet, pg-13, ten/donna, tenth doctor
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