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This is my fic journal for my Doctor Who fic, which can be found on the master list. I try to keep the master list up to date as much as possible. This is a semi friends-only journal, as I no longer have a personal journal. Personal entries will be f-locked or on a friends group filter. However all fic entries are unlocked.

Doctor Who Fic Master List {Completed}

This is the Master Fic List. Oneshots will be linked here as they're posted. Chaptered fics will be linked when completed. The title says "completed", and I am retired from fic writing. However, I maintain the possibility of there being future fic. I'm not promising anything, but there is always a possibility. Please read and enjoy...

Updated 1/10/2015

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If folks are still reading or re-reading my fics...

My title graphics will be disappearing for a while.  Photobucket was supposed to give me until my account was up for renewal in January of 2018 before they took everything because no way in hell am I paying $400 a year for image hosting.  Today I got an email that said I had 30 days to pay up or lose access to my pics and account.  Im deleting everything there today.  I have already started to move pics to a new hosting site and hopt to get the title graohics back up as soon as I can.  I am so angry right now.  So angry.  >_<

The Baffled King Composing Hallelujah

So here it is.  The final fic in the Belle Series and more than likely the final fic I will have ever written.  It took a month.  I am not sure what to say here.  If this gets reads, then thank you so much for patiently waiting three years for a fic that had the chance of never coming.  This fic is an end to the series, but does not have a totally happy happy joy joy ending.  I did not feel I could end it that way.  Also, the song lyrics intersperced through it really don't make a whole heck of a lot of sense, but they were what I had in my head while writing this, and they inspired some of it.  They are from kd lang's version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah.  I don't own them.

As always, I don't own Doctor Who, Ten, Donna, Wilf, Sylvia, Ianto, Jack, Gwen, or the TARDIS.  The BBC does.  Thank you again for all your support in the years I had been writing, and your encouragement to finish this one.  I love you all.

Please read and enjoy...

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Notice of Writing Retirement

Due to recent events, ie need for foundation replacement, severe ongoing depression, and possible changes in lifestyle, and low readership (from what I can tell anyhow), I'm retiring from fanfic writing. I will still keep this journal active for reading others work, and for other things.

If on the off chance I get some sort of idea, and I manage to write it down, I'll post it. Please don't count on this, as I seriously doubt it. I will also leave my work up as some may wish to reread it (as I like to reread others work frequently. :)).

For those of you who read my work, liked it and/or commented, I thank you and do truly appreciate it.

Thank you again.

~Ali ♥

If You Close Your Eyes

Yes.  This is a fic.  And it's sad.  Very sad.  I'm sorry.  But...I got this thing while listening to the radio a few days ago. Had to wait until the hubby was at work though because it's really hard to write with him around.  It'd be even easier to write while Cheeky's at pre-k, but I like to take that time to sleep in.

So the title comes from "Pompeii" by Bastille, as do the lyrics at the end.  Quite obviously I don't own the song or the band.  I saw the Doctor that appears in this Twelve, but I suppose Eleven could work.  Let me know which one you visualized.

As always, I don't own the Doctor, Donna, Wilf, Sylvia, or Doctor Who.  The BBC does.  Please read and enjoy.  And I do apologize for the sadness...

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My Pet Hand

So this came from the pic of Ten and his hand that tkel_paris posted on Facebook. The pic of Jack and the hand was in the comment section for that post.  It's just a drabble thing, and I hope you like it.  Pics below the cut.

Pre-JE, but established Ten/Donna.  Hope it amuses folks a little.  I tried for humor.

As always,  I don't own Ten, Donna, or Doctor Who.  The BBC does.  Please read and enjoy...

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Waking Up

So, I had this floating in my brain this morning, and thought I'd bang it out.  It was going to end kind of depressing, because I'm in a depressed mood.  But it's Donna, and I just couldn't give Donna a sad ending.  Couldn't do it to the Doctor either.  So, happy ending all around. Please tell me if you think this could be linked on the doctor_donna comm.

I don't know if I can still say I'm on hiatus.  I don't think I am.  I'm just not getting things written.  I don't have a muse I guess right now.  Bear with me please, I may get more little plot bunnies.  There's also the upcoming time crunch as Cheeky is finally going to start getting the help she needs, and she might be switching preschools.

Anyhow...as always, I don't own Ten, Donna, Jack, Wilf, the TARDIS, or Doctor Who.  The BBC does.  Please read and enjoy...

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How to Tell Your Best Mate You Fancy Her

I am still on hiatus.  This has been on my hard drive for a while.  It was meant to be part of a semi humorous series, but as I have said, I haven't found much joy in writing, so I don't know if the other parts will ever be written.  It kind of depends on my muse, and whether or not I get the same messages in my inbox that I have when I've posted other fics and personal entries.  It's been a while so maybe the trolls have gone.  Anyhow.

As I said, this has been on my hard drive and I finished it up today.  I use a MacBook Pro, and it had been running OS X Lion, but I ended up having to upgrade to OS X Mavericks to get software updates that will protect it from malware and viruses.  Macs don't have anti-virus software on it's own, you get it in updates to the operating system.  Only problem with the OS X Mavericks update was that I wasn't sure if the programs I had would be compatible.  So I used this fic to see how everything works.  And what a relief...everything does work.  GIMP and the X11 program I need to run GIMP is a little sluggish, but I was able to work with that.  And the new free VPN extension I was using to watch BBC iPlayer also works.  =D  I had been using MediaHint for a while, but they suddenly dropped this $3.95 per month fee to use it so I had to do a search for another free one.  Now I'm using Hola Better Internet.  Seems to work alright.

I also got a region free blu ray player, along with The Escape Artist from Amazon UK.  It was a huge relief that it worked.  It helped that it has an automatic NTSF to PAL converter so my TV can get the signal.  I'm hoping to add to my David Tennant collection soon.  As well as get Big School.  Hubby wants Little Britain eventually.

Okay then.  Now that you've made it through that really long author's note, have at the fic.  And please excuse the fact that you can't really see the font on the graphic.  It was supposed to be darker.  Grrrr...

As always, I don't own Ten, Donna, Jack, Ianto, Gwen, Torchwood, or Doctor Who.  The BBC does.  Please read and enjoy...

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